A boxer who knocked out a man who hit his wife at the movies in front of children speaks: ‘

A boxer who knocked out a man who hit his wife at the movies in front of children speaks: ‘
A boxer who knocked out a man who hit his wife at the movies in front of children speaks: ‘

During the month of May, ‘Garfield: the Movie’ was released, a film about the adventures of the famous orange cat. In a cinema in León, in Spain, Those attending the screening of the film expected to have a pleasant time, but they witnessed a violent event.

A man, dressed in a white jacket and black vest, interrupted the transmission and attacked his partner. According to witness accounts for the ‘Diario de Cantabria’, when the subject entered the room he had a very violent attitude towards the woman. He even yelled and insulted her in front of all the people present, many of whom were small children.

According to the media, The situation escalated to the point where he grabbed the woman by the neck and hit an eight-year-old girl who was with her family. The other attendees tried to stop him and the aggressor responded with insults.

In the living room, Professional boxer Antonio Barrul was also there., dressed in a white t-shirt and green sports pants, who could not help but act to stop the individual. In the viral video you can see how he goes down the stairs and tries to talk to the man.

Given the shouts and bad words with which he was received, He decides to confront the abusive man and starts a fight that ends with the man knocked out on the floor. Afterwards, he returns to his seat and apologizes to the other spectators.

Barrul was invited to the program ‘Let’s see’ to talk about the events. Faced with the facts, he said: “I see those images and I get a knot in my stomach. Violence is never justifiedbut the mistreatment of a woman and a girl (…)”.

The young man, 25 years old, is the father of three children, has the title of Spanish amateur champion and has five consecutive victories. At no time did he justify his actions and seemed sorry, however, he said he could not ignore the situation that occurred.

“I know that violence has no kind of justification, but an abuser must be stopped, no matter what, otherwise that person can go further,” he added.

“Half an hour into the movie the screams were very loud. I see that he grabs her by the neck, he starts to struggle with her, at that moment she hits him and hits a girl without having anything to do with it,” ‘El Volcán’ said.

He called security repeatedly and received no response; Therefore, he had to take action so that the situation did not worsen. The boxer hopes that his act does not bring negative consequences in his work. He acted in defense of a woman and a girl, but could lose his license.

“The only thing I wanted was to clarify the facts, tell the truth, apologize to everyone and put on the table that an abuser must always be stopped,” he concluded.

Boxer who attacked man in movie theater spoke about what happened

The protagonist of the viral video, Antonio Barrul, He spoke to the Spanish media about the dispute with another man inside a movie theater. Initially, he said that before starting the fight, the other subject had hit his wife.

​”He hit his wife and a girl who had nothing to do with. He threatened me and, although I do not justify violence, I feel that he forced me to do it“, he explained to the program ‘Let’s see’.

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At the moment in which Antonio Barrul decided to intervene was when the beatings reached a minor and the insults in front of her children: “In the struggle with her, he hit a girl. I asked him to leave. the room isHe started insulting me in front of my children. I tried to hold on, but it continued.”

“Although the boxer did not justify the violence, he said that he would not allow abuse of women either: “Violence has no type of justification, but an abuser must be stopped no matter what.”

What should a person who is a victim of domestic violence do?

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