Darwin Quintero broke the silence and revealed why he left America

Darwin Quintero broke the silence and revealed why he left America
Darwin Quintero broke the silence and revealed why he left America
Betplay League

The Pereira player spoke about his departure from the scarlet and other current issues.

Carlos Darwin Quintero Pereira
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May 10, 2024, 10:16 p.m. m.

Deportivo Pereira was one of the teams that had the best performance in this first semester of the Betplay League 2024-I. The Matecaña team finished third in the regular phase and began with victory in their home run.

Prior to the start of the tournament, the Risaraldense team was well reinforced and with category names such as Carlos Darwin Quintero who has been a figure with the team led by Leonel Álvarez.

Well, during this Friday and prior to the duel against Millonarios, Quintero spoke on ESPN and there he referred to the current situation of Pereira, his departure from America and the reason for his not being called up to the National Team at the best moment of his career.

His non-call to the National Team in his best moment

“The season before the World Cup is the best of my career and it hurt me a lot not to have been there because it came in the process. There was never an explanation as to why it was not called. Those years in Mexico were very good and I felt I deserved it, but the coach is the one who decides.”

Leaving America

“It’s simple, the coach’s (Lucas González) tastes. When the tournament is over, I am notified that they want another type of winger, so I tell them that I have a one-year contract, but they tell me why I would stay if they want another type of player. “I knew that it was not in the plans and I made the decision to leave and I communicated it to Mauricio Romero.”

The relationship with Lucas González

“There were no problems with Lucas, he is a good guy, he has his ways and he is respected. It is the moment in which I have not spoken with Lucas… He never gave me a bad face, I understood his arguments and this is football, suddenly he did not seduce what he could do. I was in a position where I could bring out my best version, but I managed and had good records in the team.”

His work in Pereira and the news of the team

“With teacher Leonel (Álvarez) a group has been created, no one believes anyone else. As captain I always say that we have to work, that this is not won by a single player and it is a value that we have added. We are all working 100%, I give an example to the younger ones, that things are not given away and that we all walk on the same side.”

Analysis of Quadrangular A

“I see this home run as even, Bucaramanga had a great tournament, Millonarios and Junior are teams used to being in the finals. Giving a favorite is difficult, especially in these instances.”

Best players in the League

“I like what Yeison Guzmán was doing, as well as Carlos Bacca and Hugo Rodallega. “It is a league full of hierarchy.”

The changes I would make to the BetPlay League

“I would fix the calendar to make our football more competitive and to get the best out of the teams. They play many games in a row and now they intersect with the Libertadores games, they change the final date of the League and then they don’t. In other leagues that I was in, it was already known when I could have vacations because there were no changes, here I don’t know when it ends. There are not the necessary breaks to give the fan the best football.”

The reason for the high level of veteran forwards in the League

“They no longer look for the nines like before, they look for wingers or forwards who play pivoting, who come out. If we see in Colombia there are no such types of attackers, especially among young people. From the bases of the teams there are no that type of forwards.”

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