Cali rejected the technical director and paid dearly for it: “we had everything ready”

Cali rejected the technical director and paid dearly for it: “we had everything ready”
Cali rejected the technical director and paid dearly for it: “we had everything ready”

When Jaime de la Pava left the bench Deportivo Cali At a sensitive time for the institution due to the relegation table and the limited opportunities they still had to qualify, they decided to appoint Hernando ‘Cocho’ Patiño as new interim strategist. What seemed like it would be temporary, ended up being until the end of the first semester.

However, in the midst of the options that were handled before ‘Cocho’ Patiño took the reins of the sugar industry, the name of Jose Flabio Torres as a possibility. Without a doubt, the Tolima coach could have been a solution for everything that was at stake in this BetPlay Leagueand for what will be the second semester.

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Flabio Torres took the offer of Always Ready from Bolivia, and he did not think twice about signing a contract with the highland club. In his position, he managed to put Always in the lead of the group of the South American Cup. In dialogue with RCN Cali Super Combothe strategist revealed why he did not arrive at the sugar table when everything seemed to indicate that he would assume the position, everything went backwards.

Cali still does not have a technical director for the next semester, and Flabio was the top candidate. In fact, everything was defined, only the most important thing separated them: the official call. This is what the man from Tolima confessed, that he was attracted by that option that appeared to him in his career, but that did not happen.

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Flabius stated, “The businessman who manages me in Colombia told me that there was a possibility for Deportivo Calithat we had to prepare a team project and we already had it ready and were waiting for them to call us. We were waiting for the possibility, but there was no official call”.

Without a doubt, he paid dearly, since Flabio Torres has characterized himself as a coach who lifts clubs and could be the solution to get Cali out of uncomfortable positions in relegation. Furthermore, with Always Ready he has managed to put the Bolivian club in the leadership of the Sudamericana. The Verdiblancos will continue looking for the ideal strategist for the second semester.

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