Wiemberg’s call to La Calera to stay in Colo Colo

Wiemberg’s call to La Calera to stay in Colo Colo
Wiemberg’s call to La Calera to stay in Colo Colo

One of the key players that Colo Colo has this season is Erick Wiemberg. For Jorge Almirón, he is a permanent player in Cacique’s starting eleven and against Fluminense he once again entered from the start, although he could not avoid the 1-0 defeat against the Brazilians.

The left back has played 16 games in 2024, all of them as a starter. He has only missed four games, due to suspension or suspension, as happened against Alianza Lima, when Jorge Almirón modified the scheme to make up for the absences of Óscar Opazo and Wiemberg himself.

But the former Unión La Calera is not sure if he will be able to continue in Colo Colo next year, since he is still on loan. The cement producers are the owners of their pass and in the case of a possible sale abroad, they are the ones who have the final decision.

For this reason, the player called on his former club to let him continue in Colo Colo, arguing that it is the best thing that can happen to him in his career. Wiemberg has every interest in continuing at Cacique, after two seasons in which he has taken over the left wing.

Erick Wiemberg’s call to attention to Unión la Calera

“It is something that La Calera has been seeing and I am obviously looking for my opportunity to continue playing for the biggest team in Chile.so that is an issue for the clubs,” he initially noted, although he later went deeper, outlining a criticism of his former club.

“I am happy here and I think I can give a lot more, so I hope it happens. I think La Calera should get their act together because it would be ideal for them as well as for me.“said Wiemberg, who in a year and a half in Colo Colo has already played 48 games.

The former Deportes Valdivia also spoke about the defeat against Fluminense, pointing out that “we deserved to win, we subdued them the entire game. They had a chance and they knew how to make it happen. There you can see the hierarchy that Fluminense has. I think it is a task for the house to be able to improve that and face the challenges that are coming.”

Regarding the lack of effectiveness on offense, Wiemberg highlighted that “we generate chances, suddenly the ball doesn’t want to go in, it hits the post or a defender. If we missed balls alone in front of the goal, it would be different, but there is always a share of bad fortune and that doesn’t depend much on you.”

Erick Wiemberg playing against Fluminense

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