Controversial farewell to Mbappé at PSG: the disapproval that Messi also suffered, the tribute from the ultras and his gesture in the goal

Controversial farewell to Mbappé at PSG: the disapproval that Messi also suffered, the tribute from the ultras and his gesture in the goal
Controversial farewell to Mbappé at PSG: the disapproval that Messi also suffered, the tribute from the ultras and his gesture in the goal

Kylian Mbappé said goodbye to PSG

“I never thought it would be so difficult to announce leaving the country, France,” This was the announcement Kylian Mbappé 48 hours ago about your departure from PSG. The 25-year-old forward confirmed that he will leave the capital club after seven seasons.

What was an open secret, which only needed to be made official, is now news confirmed by the forward himself and the only thing left to know is whether he will definitely sign with Real Madrid. “I always said that I would speak to you when appropriate and I want to announce that this is my last year at Paris Saint Germain. I’m not going to renew. The adventure will come to an end in a few weeks,” He indicated in a video he shared on his social networks.

Whistles at Mbappé in his last game at PSG

“I will play my last game at Parque de los Príncipes on Sunday. There are a lot of emotions, many years in which I had the chance and the great honor of being a member of the largest French club, one of the largest in the world, which allowed me to arrive here and have my first experience in a club with a Lots of pressure. To grow as a footballer of course, to be next to some of the best in history, some of the best champions, to meet a lot of people, to grow as a man. With all the glory and the mistakes I made,” he warned in this footage that he published with the motto “Merci” (thank you, in French) and emojis with the colors of PSG.

Tribute from the PSG ultras to Mbappé at his farewell

Of course, This Sunday was not just another day in the life of PSGwhich as club did not prepare any farewell for him especially after the differences he has had with President Nasser al Khelaifi. The celebration that PSG organized two years ago is far removed from the form when, on the eve of ending his previous contract and when many believed he was going to leave Paris to go to Real Madrid, a surprise renewal for two seasons and one optional. Fireworks, hugs with Khelaifi, a special t-shirt with the legend ‘Mbappé 2025’, smiles and a crowd in ecstasy contrasted with the secrecy, rather nonchalance, shown this Sunday by the club.

And as happened with Lionel Messi and Neymarthe public did take charge of communicating their position: the fans showed rejection and whistled at him when it was announced on the screens. For its part, the ultras They had a contrary attitude and offered him a emotional tribute with a billboard surrounded by laurels and they lit red flares, to which Mbappé approached, thanked him personally and took photographs. A large banner could also be seen in reference to the striker’s departure. “A boy from the suburbs of Paris, who became a Paris Saint-Germain legend,” the sign read.

Mbappé’s gesture to Keylor Navas after celebrating his goal at PSG

Kylian played his last home game of the season against Toulouse, in a match valid for the 33rd round of Ligue 1. And precisely, the Tortuga scored the goal opening at eight minutes and He dedicated it to Keylor Navas, the Costa Rican goalkeeper who will also leave PSG at the end of the season.

After this game against Toulouse that ended with a 3-1 defeat, Mbappé will then face for the French tournament Nice (pending date 32) and at Metz (day 34) between May 15 and 19, but out of home. He could also say goodbye with a title: PSG’s last game of the season will be on Saturday 25 of May against Lyon by French Cup final at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium in Lille.

“First of all, I want to thank my teammates, all the teammates I had, all the coaches: Unai Emery, Thomas Tüchel, Mauricio Pochettino, Christophe Galtier and Luis Enrique. The sports directors Leonardo and Luis Campos for always accompanying me. To all the members of the club’s staff, those that no one sees, who are in the shadows, be it the physios, the officials, the development team, the entire staff member office, to everyone on campus. “All those incredible people who give everything to the club and they deserve this recognition,” he clarified, remembering the coaches he had since his arrival in the 2017/18 season after previously shining at Monaco, where he debuted at 16. years.

And he added: “Despite everything that can happen abroad, all this media hype that sometimes surrounds the club, there are some true lovers of the club who want to protect it and make it shine and it’s great, and I know that with all these people “This club is in good hands.”

“A boy from the suburbs of Paris, who became a Paris Saint-Germain legend.” PSG ultras showed a banner in reference to Kylian Mbappé before their last home game for the club (REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)

Although he did not confirm the team to which he will emigrate, he made it clear that his path will be outside his native country and all expectations are now focused on the announcement of his new club. All roads lead to Madrid…

“It is difficult, difficult and I never thought it would be so difficult to announce this about leaving the country, France, Ligue 1, the championship, I always knew it, but I think I needed this, a new challenge after seven years. It’s difficult and of course I want to thank some people above all, those are the fans. I know I’m not the most demonstrative footballer. I was not always up to the love that you gave me in these seven years, but I never sought to deceive you, I always sought to be effective. PSG is a club that never leaves anyone indifferent. We can love it or hate it. “I chose to love him and I did it for seven years with ups and downs, of course, but I do not regret at any time having signed with this prestigious club,” he said.

In total, with the PSG shirt he has so far accumulated 256 goals and 108 assists in 307 appearances: he won 12 titles between Ligue 1, French Cup and League Cup, although he will still have the thorn in his side not to win the Champions League with that entity. With 27 goals in 29 games, he is the current top scorer in the French tournament.

“It is a club that I will keep in my memory for a lifetime. I will tell everyone, my entire life, that I had the chance to play here and I will no longer be a player, but I will continue watching the games of course because this is a club in which I will always be interested and that I will always be close to because of the news. It was me, with my virtues and defects, but I tried to give the best version of myself during these seven years. But in advance I want to say thank you because without all of you I would never have experienced half of the emotions I felt. And it is precisely for this that I will be grateful for life,” he stated.

Mbappé arrived in Paris seven years ago from Monaco in exchange for 180 million euros, the second highest signing in the history of football, only surpassed by the 222 million that the Parisian club paid that same year to Barcelona for the Brazilian Neymar. . Despite arriving at only 18 years old, the young man quickly became the favorite of fans who wanted a local idol (he is the son of immigrants born in Bondy, a modest city on the Parisian outskirts), but also for his professionalism and performance. .

Kylian Mbappé of PSG hugs volunteer mayors Gerard Guillochon and Jean-Claude Dinet before the last match in Paris (REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)

In March of last year he established himself as the top scorer in PSG history, surpassing club legends such as Edinson Cavani and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In the seven years they have been together, PSG and Mbappé have won fourteen titles together, including six leagues and three French Cups (and could achieve the fourth in the final on the 25th). However, for the club, the fans and even for Mbappé himself, the Champions League is missing, in which they only reached one final, the 2020 loss to Bayern Munich, while in the rest of the seasons PSG collects a bitter list of continental failures.

Mbappé’s departure from the Parc des Princes through the back door represents the culmination of a season full of disagreements between the player and Al Khelaifi, which began last summer when the club star announced that he would not execute the optional season of his contract. and would leave on June 30 at the end of his engagement. The club removed him from the first team for the preseason and he only returned when – according to the French sports press – he reached a verbal agreement by which he would compensate PSG’s coffers in some way, since he will leave for free, without a transfer. .

In February, the club leaked that Mbappé had already formally informed them that he would leave at the end of the season and then let it slip that they would organize a farewell to their top star. But Mbappé’s video on Friday did not please the noble floor. Firstly because, according to the club, he was not informed in advance and above all because the player thanked one by one all the coaches and sports directors with whom he has worked in Paris, but did not mention Al Khelaifi in a striking way.

In fact, PSG has not made any comments about Mbappé on social networks since the video that the player published on Friday and this Sunday they did say goodbye to their official commentator, Michel Montana, who is retiring. In addition to Mbappé’s failure to mention Al Khelaifi, the French press points out that the issue of financial compensation to the club may be pending, and that it amounts to 80/100 million euros, whether in the form of waiving part of his bonuses. loyalty or payment of part of the transfer bonus he receives from his next club, presumably Real Madrid.

With information from EFE.

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