The millionaire and harsh sanction that would fall on Santa Fe for the attack on the line judge: La Equidad is not responsible

The millionaire and harsh sanction that would fall on Santa Fe for the attack on the line judge: La Equidad is not responsible
The millionaire and harsh sanction that would fall on Santa Fe for the attack on the line judge: La Equidad is not responsible

Jenny Torres received an impact on one of her eyelids during the game between Equidad vs. Santa Fe – Win credit

An embarrassing event clouded the development of the match between Equidad and Santa Fe for the second date of the semi-final home runs of the BetPlay I-2024 League. The second line assistant, Jenny Torres, was attacked with a coin thrown from the northeastern stand of the Metropolitano de Techo stadium, where the Cardenal team fans were located.

The unfortunate event occurred in the 53rd minute of the match, when the Asegurador team was preparing to take a throw-in. The coin hit one of Torres’s eyelids, who immediately received medical attention.

The images captured by the official broadcast of the match show that the attack came from the sector where all the Santa Fe fans were located, so the red-haired club must be responsible for all the punishments determined by the Dimayor Disciplinary Commission.

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It is expected that the report of the Dimayor field commissioner will confirm the responsibility of the cardinal bar in this reprehensible act.

Santa Fe could play behind closed doors for the remainder of this BetPlay I-2024 League – credit capture Win Sports+

After the attack, the players of both teams addressed the public to calm things down and avoid the suspension of the match, which was stopped for several minutes. It is expected that, after evaluating the situation, Santa Fe receives its punishment as stipulated in the FCF Disciplinary Code.

Although in most of the precedents the clubs that act as venues are the ones that have to be held responsible for any infraction committed, in this case, Santa Fe would have to “pay the price” for what happened, as determined by the Code. Disciplinary in its article 84.

“Clubs that act as visitors will be responsible for the improper conduct of spectators considered to be their followers.”, in accordance with the degree of guilt that can be established. Spectators seated in the stands reserved for visitors are considered followers of the visiting club, unless proven otherwise.”

Judge Jenny Torres received a “coin” from the Santa Fe fans in the match vs. La Equidad – Win Sports credit

One of the main points that worries the management of the Cardenal team and the fans, who do act in accordance with the guidelines of tolerance in football, is the suspension of the place, since they could even play the final behind closed doors.

As determined by the Code, the club guilty of the sanction could pay up to six suspension dates for the attack on the judge and counting on the fact that they have two home games left in these home runs, in the event that Dimayor is severe with their punishmentthe club could not count on its fans for a possible final.

If the fault results in damage to the sports facilities, the suspension will be from two (2) to six (6) dates. The club will incur the previous sanction in the event that the public attacks the referees, managers, team members or authorities, before, during or after the match.”

Santa Fe would have to pay more than 12 million pesos for the attack on the line judge vs. La Equidad – credit Catalina Olaya/Colprensa

Regarding economic issues, which are also of great importance for the club’s administration, The FCF establishes a punishment between ten (10) to twelve (12) current legal monthly minimum wages at the time of the infringement, without prejudice to the obligation to compensate for the damages caused.

This means that Santa Fe would have to abide to the payment of approximately 13 to 14 million pesos for the attack on the judge. This incident has generated great indignation in the Colombian soccer community and has brought to the fore the discussion about the need for more drastic measures to combat violence in stadiums.

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