‘El Flaco’ Traverso, one of the legends and idol of Argentine motorsports, dies

‘El Flaco’ Traverso, one of the legends and idol of Argentine motorsports, dies
‘El Flaco’ Traverso, one of the legends and idol of Argentine motorsports, dies

The world of Argentine motorsports is shocked. The ‘Flaco’ Juan María Traverso has died at the age of 73, leaving a total of 16 titles in his record. The idol of motor sport fans in the country was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a few months ago. The Argentine, according to the local press, could not overcome the tumor and died in Ramallo, his home, in the company of his family and children.

Born in 1950, he leaves a long legacy and a record of achievements with a total of 16 titles and the fact that he was president of the Argentine Flyer Association. Although his story is not reduced to that, far from it. He started very early in the world of motorsport, and that was just the impetus to end up being one of the legends of Argentine motorsport. He is also the idol of a fan who now mourns his death.

He joined Ford in 1973, after the death of Nasif Estéfano. His partner at that time was Héctor Luis Gradassil. His first victory in Turismo Carretera came four years later. In it he won six titles, but his career was interrupted by certain problems with the Runners’ Association. For this reason, the one from the Argentine city of Ramallo competed in European Formula 2 in 1979.

However, he was champion of Road Tourism, where he became a legend, on several occasions: 1977, 1978, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1999.. A year later he retired from the category. He also achieved other successes, beyond his ‘favorite’ category, in the TC2000 with the Renault team –1986, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1995–. From this time comes one of his best-known feats: winning a race with the Renault Fuego, literally, on fire. In addition, he triumphed in the Top Race –1998, 1999 and 2003–.

He could have debuted in Formula 1 after an offer from Bernie Ecclestone in 1980, which also included his participation in Formula Aurora. However, his father had financial problems and preferred to stay in Argentina, reports the Argentine media La Nación. “I had a contract with the Brabham team. I raced with Keke Rosberg, for example, who I beat and who beat me. Two years later he was Formula 1 champion. I think he would have done very well there, but I had to return with my father,” he himself explained at the time.

He retired 19 years ago, in 2005, when he was 54 years old, although he previously wore the River Plate colors to the track, when the Top Race mixed football with the world of cars precisely the year of his retirement. In fact, the team was one of the first to say goodbye to him through social networks: “River Plate regrets the death of Juan María Traverso, idol of Argentine motorsport and River Plate native at heart, and accompanies his loved ones in this sad moment”.

Although they weren’t the only ones. “A great idol has left. The ACTC expresses deep regret for the death of Juan María Traverso, the idol who transcended motorsports. We will always… always remember Ramallo’s ‘Flaco’. May he rest in peace,” the Association reported. of Highway Tourism Corridors when the news was announced.

“Rest in peace Juan Maria Traverso, the greatest idol of Argentine motorsports. On every racetrack in the country your name will always be remembered. From the Argentine Flying Wheels Association, an entity of which you were president until the last day, we send condolences to everyone who ever knew Juan María Traverso,” wrote the association of which he was president.

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