Sebastián Villa near the FPC: controversial official decision from Europe

Sebastián Villa near the FPC: controversial official decision from Europe
Sebastián Villa near the FPC: controversial official decision from Europe

After his experience with Boca Juniors in the First Division of Argentina the controversial Colombian extreme, Sebastian Villa He left the club in search of new life and with Europe as a goal for the former Sports Tolima. Villa became a new player of the Beroa Stara Zagora of the Bulgarian First League.

On November 8, 2023, he was announced as a new reinforcement of the Bulgarian team. He debuted in 2024 and with just a few months in the club, Sebastián Villa made a radical decision regarding his future just in a week in which he is closely linked with National Athletic of the BetPlay League for the second semester. However, several Colombian journalists have dedicated themselves to denying these rumors.

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Without the possibility of Nacional according to local journalists, its future is complete uncertainty. Sebastián Villa spent six months in Bulgaria playing 11 games and scoring five goals. Precisely, in the last match played against Pirinthe Colombian scored from the penalty spot.

Surprisingly and controversially, Sebastián Villa made his departure from Beroe official after half a year. Francisco Sagardiaone of his colleagues at the institution uploaded a photo on Instagram that said, “the greatest success in whatever comes, panita. “A pleasure to share a wardrobe”.

On the other hand, the 27-year-old Colombian winger also confirmed his departure with a video of gratitude to the fans and the club, “Thanks, Beroe. I only have words of gratitude with José Luis Acciari and Hernán Bañato”. Without a doubt, his departure is surprising, right after his goal.

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The Antioqueño’s score allowed Beroe to lead the positions in the Relegation round of the Bulgarian league. The team has 39 points and is seeking to avoid relegation, given that in the regular phase they were in eleventh place. The last six clubs in the first phase face each other in search of defining the two relegated teams.

Without a club at the moment, Sebastián Villa’s future could be closer to the Colombian league. However, they denied his possible arrival at Atlético Nacional. YOUR course will be complete uncertainty. With only six months, the Antioquian says goodbye to his first European experience.

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