Pato Yáñez shakes hands with Gustavo Álvarez despite the blue victory

Pato Yáñez shakes hands with Gustavo Álvarez despite the blue victory
Pato Yáñez shakes hands with Gustavo Álvarez despite the blue victory

U. of Chile

The former U player was not satisfied with the blue victory and blamed the Universidad de Chile coach.

By Felipe Aguilar

05/14/2024 – 08:04am CLT

© ArchivePato Yáñez made his defense after the victory of the U.

University of Chile They beat Unión La Calera 3-1 and stretched the gap with their closest pursuers in the 2024 National Championship, where the U is the exclusive leader with 28 units.

Despite the victory achieved in the Valparaíso Region, the feelings left by the team were not the best and this is how Patricio Yáñez, former blue player, described it: “It is a wake-up call to the coach. If it worked for him it was a gift ‘Sampa’, but it ended up confusing the U“, he said about Álvarez’s approach in in Agriculture.

Along the same lines, he explains that there were “Incredible errors in operation according to what he proposed on the court. I understand that coaches can handle systems and players must adapt, but yesterday didn’t make any logical sense”, he added.

Álvarez suffered criticism from Pato Yáñez. | Photo: Photosport

“Having the elements for a team order that complicated Colo Colo at one point, but Calera was very soft so that the U had to live through a very complicated game in the first half“, held.

In closing, Pato Yáñez says that he does not want to see more experiments at the U: “It was a debut and a farewell to put the sink in the living room and the kitchen in the bathroom. It’s good that the technicians are innovating, but yesterday it was Álvarez himself who messed up the U in the first half”, he concluded.

Now, the blue team will have a greater brand challenge when it has to face Universidad Católica in a new edition of the University Classic to be played next Saturday, May 18.

The blues are the only leaders of the competition with 28 points and they look very far at Deportes Iquiquethe only sub-leader who has the 2024 National Championship with 23 points.

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