They could have won the Libertadores in Colo Colo, but they preferred to go save Alianza Lima: “The best decision of my life”

They could have won the Libertadores in Colo Colo, but they preferred to go save Alianza Lima: “The best decision of my life”
They could have won the Libertadores in Colo Colo, but they preferred to go save Alianza Lima: “The best decision of my life”

On December 8, 1987, an unfortunate event occurred that would mark the history of Alianza Lima. On that day, the team was returning to its city after beating Deportivo Pucallpa and unfortunately, The Fokker plane that was transporting them fell into the sea and a total of 43 people died.where 16 of them were footballers.

Given this tragic situation, Colo Colo put his hand on his heart and faithful to Arellano’s values, took action on the matter in a disinterested way: He sent four of his promises on loan to reinforce a beaten blue and white cast, which would begin the beautiful brotherhood between both institutions.

In the run-up to the duel between both teams, DaleAlbo interviewed two of the young people full of hope who went to save the Peruvian team: Parcko Quiroz and Francisco Huertawho They remembered what their arrival was like, the beautiful reception of the Peruvian people in general and the fact of putting the beautiful gesture above being part of the team that won the 1991 Copa Libertadores.

Those responsible for the beautiful brotherhood between Colo Colo and Alianza Lima

In the first instance, Quiroz recalled what this gesture was and maintained that “37 years ago we were young, the only thing we thought about was wanting to play, but then with the passage of time we don’t remember how we did sportingly, But the mark that this has left, today we are seeing it and the dimension has no limits, it is growing much more”.

In that sense, he explained how the decision was and stated that “it was already very difficult to get to Colo Colo and leaving the country was very difficult. But we protected each other. It was difficult for us, not to join the team, but to miss what was familiar, to get used to living alone. They didn’t choose us, we decided. There was news that there had been the Alianza accident, Arturo Salah brings us together on the field and offers the possibility, and we decided to go to Alianza”.

Subsequently, Huerta indicated that “I was 20 years old and most of them were 21. They traveled before and I had to go through the entire notarial authorization process for my parents and I could not travel with them. I had to wait for my dad to authorize me. Going from a youth stage, where you are full of dreams and hopes, to playing alongside Teofilo Cubillas, César Coeto, José Velásquez, Roberto Rojas, was a dream that you cannot measure. I just realized what happened. I hope this continues to grow and we continue to share many more years”.

Regarding the conversation with his parents, he stated that “It was difficultWe spent Christmas very sad. They are mixed feelings, because there is the possibility of playing professionally, but outside the country. So it was difficult. You are used to your mother serving you breakfast or arriving with a hot tea when you are sick.and there we had to fend for ourselves, to take care of each other, the four of us lived together and we watched each other’s backs”.

How was your arrival at Alianza Lima?

Asked about how arriving at Alianza was, Quiroz assured that “when they chose us, we didn’t play, we didn’t have much of a chance in Colo Colo. For us it was an opportunity to go out and play, because the only thing a footballer at that age wants is to play. Arriving there it was a very good reception, from the leaders, from the fans, from the people of Peru. Getting to the dressing room was fine, never a problem despite the differences they have with Chile, it was wonderful to get there. That reception was great. That’s why it didn’t take us much to join the team.”.

For his part, Huerta reported that “The curious fact is that when we arrived, I had no experience in Colo Colo. When I arrived, Teófilo Cubillas and Cholo Castillo greeted me, they put me in a dressing room, they talked to me and asked me if I had debuted yet and I told them no. The footballer is very lively and I perceived their looks, where there was a gesture that ‘well, it’s here, we appreciate Colo Colo’s gesture and we are going to consider it when we can’”.

We went to a practice match, I was on the B team, and I did well And the next practice they call me again and tell me ‘Are you sure you haven’t made your debut in the first team?’No, I told them, and they tell me ‘Well, you’re going to do it on Saturday’. And in practice I moved to the A team and on Saturday, January 3, 1988, I was making my debut. From there all this was woven, things went well, we won the league, we played in the final and we lost it to the U by 1 to 0. They received me very well and until now the love they have for us is still latent.”he added.

Do you change the fact of going to Alianza Lima over winning the Copa Libertadores with Colo Colo?

These four footballers They could have been part of the team that touched the sky and won the 1991 Copa Libertadores, but life would have prepared another destiny for them and they set out to defend the colors of the Peruvian team. For Huerta, He could not have made a better decision and he is clear in pointing out that he does not regret it for a single second..

Going to Alianza was the best decision of my life, because going to Alianza is like winning the Copa Libertadores. Every time I go to Lima it is as if I had won the Copa Libertadores. Colo Colo celebrates the Cup once a year, we do it every time we are in Peru,” he commented.

Finally, he addressed the emotion that the fans of both clubs feel about the gesture and noted that “I really feel that the colocolino doesn’t feel it as much as those from Alianza, because they are more on the outsidedoes not feel that a family member died. I hope this never happens, but if they tell me to play Alianza again, I will play again for free, like the first time, because the experiences, both human and footballers, were wonderful. That is priceless”.

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