América confirms the departure of a winger: his new team is already known

América confirms the departure of a winger: his new team is already known
América confirms the departure of a winger: his new team is already known

Cali America is experiencing a crucial moment and is preparing to make important changes in the second half of 2024, with the aim of vindicating itself with its fans after the poor results obtained during the first edition of the Betplay League where it did not qualify at 8 and was also eliminated of the South American Cup.

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The first major change in the ‘scarlet’ team has been the return of the coach Jorge ‘Moth’ Da Silva, who will return to lead the team after the departure of Venezuelan César Farías. With his arrival, a profound restructuring of the squad is expected, which will include both the departure and entry of several players.

In this context of renewal, the departure of the right back or winger has been confirmed Esneyder Mena, 26 years old, who at the time was very valuable for the team and provided imbalance, but in the last semester he was quite weak in defense which earned him a lot of criticism.

Where will Mena go?

Journalist Dario Santacruz, very close to Deportivo Pasto, revealed that Mena is about to become a new player for the ‘volcanic’ team. The agreement between the clubs is being finalized, and it would be a loan that will link the talented Choco player with the Nariñense team, in which he already played in 2020 and 2021.

Mena, known for his speed and one-on-one skill, has been an important piece for América de Cali in recent seasons. However, his performance in the first semester did not meet expectations, which has led to the decision to seek new opportunities for him and at the same time, allow the team to strengthen itself in other critical areas. Deportivo Pasto, for its part, will benefit from his experience and dynamism, seeking to improve his performance in the Betplay League.

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Mena’s departure is just one of the several changes expected at América de Cali under the direction of ‘Polilla’ Da Silva. The Uruguayan coach, together with the board, is clear that the primary objective is to qualify for an international tournament. To do this, it will be essential to add as many points as possible in the regular phase and get a place in the cups. The arrival of some big names is expected that can provide the quality and balance necessary to achieve these goals.

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