40 points, 13 assists… and 0 losses! | Relief

40 points, 13 assists… and 0 losses! | Relief
40 points, 13 assists… and 0 losses! | Relief

The Denver Nuggets already rule the tie against the Minnesota in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference in the NBA. A series that started 0-2 for the Wolves with two games played in Denver that left the home court factor very much in favor of ’ team and a reaction worthy of the champion and three-time MVP Nikola Jokic.

Because although the Nuggets franchise received a lot of criticism for its performance during the first two games, how the Timberwolves defense had surpassed them, how they did not seem to have that gear more than they had shown in the previous season… many of those criticisms focused on Jokic.

What if the Serbian star was not a player to look for in moments of greatest need, what if in the regular league he did very well but when push came to shove they only managed to win when they were clearly superior and what if Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was the real one MVP of the 23/24. An MVP that was given to Nikola Jokic before the match and that seemed to leave him in a trance for what was going to come after the ceremony.

40 points, 13 assists, 7 rebounds, 15 of 22 field goals, 0 losses and the feeling of dominating everything that was happening on the court. Jokic pulled out one of his most dominant games of his playoff career since although he had accumulated greater scoring displays – such as the 53 points last year against the Suns or the 43 against the Timberwolves – he accumulated a surprising 0-4 of balance in games above 40 points in the playoffs.

The Nuggets defense showed one of its best performances so far in the playoffs and managed to disconnect Anthony Edwards, who even in the victories had been the leader of the Timberwolves. He did not manage to surpass 18 points although with poor percentages -5 of 15 in field goals- and the rest of the outside line did not accompany either. Only Karl-Anthony Towns with 23 points and Rudy Gobert with 7 of 7 field goals and 11 rebounds were at the expected level in Wolves who will return to their field for the sixth game and who are beginning to see how the successful plan at the beginning of the series urgently needs changes. Either they come up with an emergency plan out of their hat or they will have to try better luck next season.

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Jalen Brunson destroys the Indiana Pacers

The Knicks returned to New York with some doubts after the wear and tear they were beginning to accumulate in the playoffs, but Jalen Brunson He has dispelled them all. Crushing victory against the Pacers in Madison with 44 points and a series of 18 of 35 in field goals which allowed them to dominate the match and even have a little more rest than usual from Thibodeau who had already begun to receive some criticism for his way of managing rotations. Stellar and taking the initiative in the series with two more games ahead.

Because Brunson was decisive, proving once again to be the MVP so far in the playoffs, but the Knicks’ defense once again suffocated the Pacers and dominated the match with the contribution of the secondary teams. 18 points and 11 rebounds from Josh Hart, 17 rebounds for an imperial Isaiah Hartenstein, 18 points from Alec Burks from the bench with 5 of 8 in triples… very important performances by players who do not receive as much attention as Brunson, but without whom it would be difficult to understand these new and renewed Knicks who are one step away from the Eastern Finals in the NBA.

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