Luis Díaz: team that will pay 90 million euros for his signing

Luis Díaz: team that will pay 90 million euros for his signing
Luis Díaz: team that will pay 90 million euros for his signing

For a few days there has been a lot of talk about what will happen to Luis Díaz, the Colombian player with the best present in international football and therefore, it seems that his good moment will be taken advantage of by Liverpool to sell it and thus be able to get a good economic portion.

After this event, from European territory it was announced that Lucho would be signed by a Spanish team, that I would be willing to give 90 million euros for the token from this end of the Colombian team.

Well, this club is Barcelona and according to Mundo Deportivo, the Colombian is “the most desired winger at Barça.”

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It is no secret to anyone that this club is not going through its best financial moment, but it seems that there is a whole plan behind it to achieve his hiring. “To do this, he hopes to reach 1:1 salary fair play, for which it needs powerful investors to arrive and close deals that generate good dividends, for example with Nike and Barça Studios,” Mundo added.

“There hasn’t been much talk about Luis Díaz, but as MD learned, Barça has a plan to try to sign him because they have information that the player is up for the job. His own father already said that his son’s dream was to play for FC Barcelona and the Barça entity has been able to corroborate it,” they added.

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Thus, the only thing left to know is if this can finally be achieved and if Barcelona will be able to stay up to date financially to ensure a good salary for the attacker and a good reward for his current team in the Premier League.

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