Aston Martin confident of getting closer to the top with Imola improvements

YesThey continue developing the car. Aston Martin has started the year being the fifth best car of the F1 grid. However, there are some very positive areas, such as the one-lap pace. Furthermore, the Silverstone-based team has a plan for continuous improvements and in Imola they bring new changes that will allow them not to lose ground with their competitors.

Mike KrackTeam Principal of the team, has confirmed that At the Emilia Romana GP they bring that new package that they hope will work: “We will be bringing improvements to Imola as part of our ongoing development program throughout the season. This affects several areas where we have already made improvements.” Despite this, they are aware that they are not the only ones who improve the car weekend after weekend and The competition is maximum.

“No one stands still in Formula 1 and our competitors will also bring new parts. All we can do is focus on ourselves and stay close to the top. Everyone in the team is working hard and this weekend’s update is Just another example of everyone’s tireless effort and commitment,” said the Luxembourger, who knows that Ferrari also has big changes in Italy.

All we can do is focus on ourselves and stay close to the top

Mike Krack, Aston Martin Team Principal

The performance of the Aston Martin

They haven’t started as high as last year, but they have a good base and They are working to make the improvements noticeable, unlike last year, they couldn’t make much progress during the season. “The first few months of the season have been very busy. In terms of performance, we are as expected,” she said. Still, he believes they are getting closer to the top: “We have closed the gap at the front, but the competition is extremely fierce and the field is very tight.

We have shortened the gap at the front

Mike Krack, Aston Martin Team Principal

“This year we expected to be fifth fastest and many times we finished there at race pace. We were often third in qualifying, which is positive, and we are working hard to develop the car to take advantage of our one-lap performance,” he said. commented, referring to the great Qualifying pace that Fernando Alonso has shown in many races.

Work at Aston Martin is being excellent

“Operationally we are very strong. Our pit stops were consistently among the fastest and we did not lose a single minute of track time due to operational errors. We have done well as a team so far this season and that is due to the hard work and commitment of everyone, both on campus and in the field,” he explained.

Our pit stops were consistently among the fastest

Mike Krack, Aston Martin Team Principal

Furthermore, it is approaching a part of the season in which there will be many races in a row and continuing with that work will be the key to continuing good performance and closeness to Mercedes: “From now until the summer holidays, we will compete at least every two weeks, which is great, and we are excited to return to Imola.”

The return to Imola

“It is a real test of strength for both the drivers and the engineers working to optimize the set-up of the car. After last year’s terrible floods, which prevented the race at Imola, we are looking forward to returning to this iconic track and We hope to be able to offer a great show to the fans,” he said, excited to return to this mythical circuit where this year the tribute to Senna will be made.

“Imola has a great history. We all remember the exciting battles between Fernando Alonso and Schumacher here in 2005 and 2006. Sadly, this is where we lost Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger in 1994, and on the 30th anniversary of that tragic day, the Formula 1 community will come together to remember them and pay tribute to them,” he recalled.

His goal in Imola

Pirelli has confirmed that it will bring the softest set of tires and as Krack explains, this will open up the possibility of seeing many different strategies: “There is a lot to look forward to. This is a special race and often offers a spectacular spectacle. Pirelli will bring its three softest tires to the weekend, which “It adds a new variable to battles and allows for some bold strategic decisions.”

Even though it brings new improvements, its objective remains the same, score points: “Scoring points is always our main objective every Grand Prix weekend. At Imola it will be no different. We have a good qualifying pace, so our priority is to continue achieving that pace and we will work hard to turn it into a good result” .

Scoring points is always our main objective every weekend

Mike Krack, Aston Martin Team Principal

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