Boca Juniors rejected the signing of James Rodríguez

Boca Juniors rejected the signing of James Rodríguez
Boca Juniors rejected the signing of James Rodríguez

James Rodríguez began to sound very strong about his sporting future both in the Colombian National Team and in the club where he could continue after the refusal of Sao Paulo, which is practically a fact. The Colombian midfielder is not having a good time in Brazilian football and is beginning to look at new directions for his career after the America Cup that will be played in the United States.

In the last few hours, some clubs around James Rodríguez became known, but they are still rumors or offers, before being a concrete offer. It seems that another novel is approaching with the future of the Colombian star. For many, 10 would continue in South American soccer, MLS or Mexico. It is difficult for me to go to Europe.

Rumors indicated that Boca Juniors would be interested in signing James Rodríguez after his imminent departure from Sao Paulo, which was immediately denied by the television network TyC . The Argentine giant received the name in his offices, but ‘Xeneize’ would not be interested in signing him.

“In the last few hours, a more than interesting player was offered to Boca: the Colombian James Rodríguez. The footballer, with a past in Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, was offered to the Football Council, but after analyzing it they appreciated the interest in joining Xeneize and decided that they will not go for him in this transfer period,” says TyC Sports in its account. Instagram.

James Rodríguez’s offer to sign with Boca Juniors

Líbero, a program on the same aforementioned network, had announced that James was offered to Boca Junios, which immediately raised the fans and party accounts in Argentina. After the rejection of the Buenos Aires giant, the only certainty for Rodríguez is that he will not continue in Sao Paulo and will be in the Colombian National Team call for the Copa América 2024.

It’s just that he’s not having a good time in Brasileirao. James Rodríguez only has 36 minutes played in 10 dates. Sao Paulo is fifth at the beginning of the season and has been able to carry the load without the Colombian. His presence in the team seems to have worsened when Luis Zubeldía was announced as the new coach. At that time, the midfielder was recovering from an injury to one of his thighs. The Argentine coach, in his first words, made it clear that it is important for his job to have all the players at the best possible level, regardless of their name.

James Rodríguez to the Premier League?

On the other hand, the other thing that also activated the rumors was the interaction of James Rodríguez with an Everton supporter account on the social network Instagram. A comment from the player led the fans of the English team to debate whether there could be a last dance of the number 10 with the ‘Toffee’ shirt.

‘Everton Hub’ published the complicated moment that the Colombian is experiencing in Sao Paulo and left the whole panorama for the ‘Toffees’ fans to react. Nobody expected that the figure of the Colombia selection will leave a few words.

Last dance? It was the question in English that James Rodríguez asked on Instagram, which caused a reaction from English and Brazilian fans. Many of them reacted against it and left the Colombian in a bad light, citing his bad moment in Brazil. The carousel of names for the future of the steering wheel begins.

Survey Where will James continue his sporting career?

Where will James continue his sporting career?


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