The AFA announced the list of referees for date 2: who directs Newell’s and Central

The AFA announced the list of referees for date 2: who directs Newell’s and Central
The AFA announced the list of referees for date 2: who directs Newell’s and Central

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) announced the list of judges and assistants who will face date 2 of the Professional League. The date starts on Friday, but the people from Rosario will only appear on stage at the end of the activity; on Monday and Tuesday nights.

will play on Monday at 9:15 p.m. at the Gigante de Arroyito against . The appointed judge was Andrés Merlos; His assistants will be Julio Fernández and Eduardo Lucero. The fourth referee: Maximiliano Silcan Jerez. Meanwhile, Adrián Franklin will be on the VAR and the AVAR will be Rodrigo Rivero

For its part, Newell’s will visit Vélez on Tuesday at 8 p.m. with arbitration by Fernando Rapallini. He will be accompanied by Andrés Barbieri and Erik Grunman. The fourth referee will be Salomé Di Iorio. Yamil Possi and Diego Romero will be on the VAR.

All referees on date 2

Friday, May 17

20.00 Barracas Central – Sarmiento (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Yael Falcón Pérez

Assistant referee 1: Walter Ferreyra

Assistant referee 2: Gerardo Lencina

Fourth referee: José Carreras

VAR: Diego Ceballos

AVAR: Pablo González

Saturday May 18

15.30 Independiente Rivadavia – Godoy Cruz (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Darío Herrera

Assistant referee 1: Miguel Savorani

Assistant referee 2: José Castelli

Fourth referee: Nahuel Viñas

VAR: Germán Delfino

AVAR: Ariel Suárez

18.00 River – (TNT )

Referee: Pablo Dóvalo

Assistant referee 1: Juan Pablo Belatti

Assistant referee 2: Pablo Acevedo

Fourth referee: Jorge Broggi

VAR: Jorge Baliño

AVAR: Gisella Trucco

20.00 Defense and Justice – Gymnastics (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Fernando Echenique

Assistant referee 1: Pablo Gualtieri

Assistant referee 2: Iván Aliende

Fourth referee: Sebastián Habib

VAR: Salomé Di Iorio

AVAR: Pablo Echavarría

20.30 Institute – Union (TNT Sports)

Referee: Sebastián Zunino

Assistant referee 1: Diego Martin

Assistant referee 2: Federico Pomi

Fourth referee: Mariano Negrete

VAR: Andrés Merlos

AVAR: Juan Del Fueyo

Sunday May 19

15.30 Platense – Independiente (TNT Sports)

Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer

Assistant referee 1: Maximiliano Del Yesso

Assistant referee 2: Juan Manuel González

Fourth referee: Cristian Cernadas

VAR: José Carreras

AVAR: Ezequiel Brailovsky

17.45 Banfield – Huracán (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Jorge Baliño

Assistant referee 1: Sebastián Raineri

Assistant referee 2: Juan Del Fueyo

Fourth referee: Franco Morón

VAR: Lucas Novelli

AVAR: Facundo Rodríguez

17.45 Workshops – Atlético Tucumán (TNT Sports)

Referee: Nazareno Arasa

Assistant referee 1: Damián Espinoza

Assistant referee 2: Marcos Horticolou

Fourth referee: Adrián Franklin

VAR: Mauro Vigliano

AVAR: Pablo Giménez

20.00 Central Córdoba – Boca (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Facundo Tello

Assistant referee 1: Cristian Navarro

Assistant referee 2: Iván Núñez

Fourth referee: Bruno Bocca

VAR: Silvio Trucco

AVAR: Andrés Gariano

Monday, May 20

19.00 San Lorenzo – Lanús (TNT Sports)

Referee: Pablo Echavarría

Assistant referee 1: Pablo González

Assistant referee 2: Maximiliano Castelli

Fourth referee: Yamil Possi

VAR: Nicolás Lamolina

AVAR: Laura Fortunato

19.00 – Deportivo Riestra (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Fernando Espinoza

Assistant referee 1: Facundo Rodríguez

Assistant referee 2: Federico Cano

Fourth referee: Federico Guaymas

VAR: Nazareno Arasa

AVAR: Gabriel Chade

21.15 – Argentinos (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Nicolás Ramírez

Assistant referee 1: Lucas Germanotta

Assistant referee 2: Juan Mamani

Fourth referee: Diego Ceballos

VAR: Héctor Paletta

AVAR: Diego Verlotta

21.15 Rosario Central – Tigre (TNT Sports)

Referee: Andrés Merlos

Assistant referee 1: Julio Fernández

Assistant referee 2: Eduardo Lucero

Fourth referee: Maximiliano Silcan Jerez

VAR: Adrián Franklin

AVAR: Rodrigo Rivero

Tuesday, May 21

20.00 Vélez – Newell’s (TNT Sports)

Referee: Fernando Rapallini

Assistant referee 1: Andrés Barbieri

Assistant referee 2: Erik Grunman

Fourth referee: Salomé Di Iorio

VAR: Yamil Possi

AVAR: Diego Romero

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