James Rodríguez’s viral phrase that excites Boca :: Olé

James Rodríguez’s viral phrase that excites Boca :: Olé
James Rodríguez’s viral phrase that excites Boca :: Olé

05/15/2024 5:32 p.m.Updated on 05/15/2024 5:33 p.m.

The name of James Rodriguez comes ringing in Mouth every time a transfer market approaches. It happened in the summer, when there was talk of a change of air, and it began to be repeated these days. To the point that it was said that it was offered to the Football Council. Which ignited the enthusiasm of the Xeneizes fans on social networks. AND An old phrase from the Colombian star went viral and excited the entire Boca World.

“If it’s that way, I would walk there. It’s a great club, I see that it has a good fan base too and it has signed Cavani. And If you want someone to pass on Cavani, I’m there“said Rodríguez, in a phrase that applies perfectly to the possibility of reaching Boca. But it is from August 2022, when the Matador signed with Valencia and the Colombian was about to move from Al-Rayyan in Qatar to Olympiacos from Greece. Will you repeat it this time?

Today, at 32, Rodríguez finds himself in San Pablo, where he has only played 22 games with two goals and one assist. With little participation in 2024 between two matches in Serie A, two in the Libertadores and four in the Paulista tournament.


All the enthusiasm responds to a version that circulated in recent days about James’ offer to Boca. Without confirmation or denial from the Council. “I saw on social media that James’ name started to come up. He is a World player, not to mention his condition, how he plays and shines in the National Team. But from there to having it there is a very long road, I’m not one to say ‘let’s go for James’, but I’m not one to say ‘we’re not interested’ either.“said Chicho Serna in Colombia’s Cadena Caracol, somewhat ambiguously.

“Some news has broken, but we within the Football Council are not sitting down to look at that possibility. We are not contemplating it, not because we are not interested. But because A great footballer who is in Brazil is not easy to bring because the competition is very strong.. “There is a lot of money involved.”

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