“In this case…”: Ricardo Gareca explained why Jordhy Thompson is not in La Roja

“In this case…”: Ricardo Gareca explained why Jordhy Thompson is not in La Roja
“In this case…”: Ricardo Gareca explained why Jordhy Thompson is not in La Roja

A few days ago, Ricardo Gareca delivered the pre-shortlist of 55 players for La Roja’s participation in the 2024 Copa América. Much noise was made by the inclusion of Luciano Cabral, a figure from Coquimbo Unidos who in the past had serious problems with the law. The midfielder was accused of homicide and was imprisoned for five and a half years in a prison in Mendoza, Argentina. In fact, these problems have his participation in the contest in suspense, since obtaining the VISA so that he can enter the United States has been complex.

The one who did not appear on the list, yes, was Jordhy Thompson, who is now a figure in Russia’s Orenburg. The former Colo Colo was formalized for gender violence against his ex-partner, being accused of frustrated femicide and contempt. Eduardo Berizzo, Gareca’s predecessor in charge of La Roja, clarified at the time that he was not summoned for that situation. The “Tigre” has his own position and he confessed it in an interview with AS Chile.

-Why isn’t Jordhy Thompson here? For a football issue or for his problems with the law?

– Well, I know what happened to Jordhy. In this case, we simply had to make decisions, but he is a young boy, we are interested in following him in the future. We want to see it, observe it. We will be watching all the boys. For us, there are many players who have a chance of being in the National Team and we had to decide on this list. For this moment we resolved this way (not to call it).

– So, don’t your judicial problems disqualify you for the future?

– No, no… The players are improving in their performances, they are growing, new figures appear. We are observing all the footballers and we have to make quick decisions. This is a process that has already started and we want to find a group and a way to play. We want to give the guys we find a chance to get to know each other better, so they can get along and get to know each other better. It is necessary because the process has already started and there is little time left. That doesn’t mean we take them into account.

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