This explains the insulting Brazilian dominance in the Copa Libertadores

This explains the insulting Brazilian dominance in the Copa Libertadores
This explains the insulting Brazilian dominance in the Copa Libertadores

During the last five years clubs of the Brazilian have conquered the Libertadores Cup and in three of the finals there was a confrontation between Brazilian teams. Furthermore, the near future suggests that this bulging dominance will continue due to the quality and quantity of alternatives that appear from the South American giant. Now, a study published by Sports Value allows us to better understand and analyze the reasons for this tyranny imposed from Brazil.

Many variables influence Brazilian superiority over the rest of the countries in South America. One of the aspects that has triggered the most the groups of the Brazilian They are income from transfers. According to FIFA data, during the last six years the teams of Brazil 1,956 million dollars have been received. Those of Argentina They have remained at 1,120. Then the jump is enormous until the third step, where Uruguay appears with just 321 million. The list continues with Colombia (243), Ecuador (146) and Paraguay (123).

Profits of the main leagues on the planet (in millions of dollars).Sports Value

The growth over recent years in most Brazilian clubs has been continuous and not even the problems caused by the pandemic experienced in 2020 affected as much as in other countries. Flamengo In 2023, it was the Brazilian team with the highest profits. It shot up to 1,374 million reais. If we go back to 2011, in that year the profits reached only 185 million. Fluminensecurrent champion of the Liberators, closed 2023 with 480.8 million positive in its accounts. In 2011 it barely had 80.2.

And it is that Brazil It no longer competes economically with the rest of South America but with the major leagues of the planet. Although it is still far from the main European championships, it has come very close to all of them (with the exception of the Premier League, who marches alone). However, a sign of concern is the growth of MLS. A market even larger than the Brazilian one and one that is also on the rise.

Nationalities that moved the most money in 2023.Sports Value

The profits of the economic clubs skyrocket in every aspect compared to their South American rivals. A good part of the benefits come from television rights (36% in 2023), with large contracts in recent years. 22% arrive through transfers, important especially with young talents who leave Europe. 16% corresponds to marketing and 12% to the social part. 10% comes from match tickets and the remaining 4% comes from other reasons.

The future does not look good for the rest of the clubs. South America because even the debt that grew in 2020 has been reduced drastically in subsequent years. It reached a peak of 12.6 billion reais and in 2023 the accounts were closed at 8.9 billion reais. Clubs like Atlético Mineiro -with a new stadium under construction- increased their debt but most improved their accounts. Above all, the work of Athletico Paranaensewhich in 2022 had a debt of 284.5 million and reduced it to zero.

He Brazilian It is progressing at a very fast pace while the big clubs in the rest of the countries are going through both sporting and economic problems. The clearest examples are those of Mouth and River. The first does not even dispute the Liberators this year and in River the march of Gallant It still hurts. Furthermore, at Millionaire It is impossible for him to keep emerging stars like Echeverri -already signed by him Manchester City-.

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