Sainz ahead of Leclerc and race against time to fix Alonso’s car

Oscar Piastri has achieved the best time in the Free practice 3 of the Emilia Romagna GP. The Australian clearly surpassed the time of the Ferraris, achieved half an hour earlier with the slower track and just before a Red flagthe second of the session, with which the accident of Checo Pérez almost put an end to the last round practice before Classification.

Everyone stayed cLooking forward to seeing the rest of the favorites on the soft compound and check the real order of forces. The race director decided to restart with only a minute and a half of time available, causing a wild race. for having one more lap available, with a frenetic warm-up lap in which something very serious was about to happen. Dangerous situations created without need from the control tower.

Leclerc advance Sainz so reckless and Magnussen almost had a high-speed crash, when passing two cars where there was no room. In the end, only Lando Norris bettered his previous time, to place second and form a McLaren double in the lead.

Sainz ahead of Leclerc

Despite the efforts of Monegasque for taking the partial victory of Free Practice 3, He had to settle for fourth, behind Carlos. It had been in the initial session, so the comparison with the McLarens was not possible, nor was it possible for the Red Bulls, who did not complete a lap with the soft ones at the end. Nevertheless, Verstappen seemed ready to fight for pole this afternoon (4:00 p.m.).

Alonso’s major accident

With 35 minutes left in the session, Fernando lost the car in the second Rivazzathe entrance to the main straight, when accelerating fully. The car spun without touching with the wheels outside and ended up hitting the left sidewhat left his car rear suspension affected and maybe the gearbox.

He did not go at high speed and the car had problems, while he was applauded by the public. The Spaniard had previously apologized to his team on the radio for the incident. The red flag was immediate and the session was over for him. He was ninth with the hard compound at that time, with acceptable times, after seven laps with that white tire compound.

With 29 minutes left, the track opened again and Fernando He was accompanied to the medical center by bypassing the impact sensor they wear in the helmet and as a precaution, in the FIA ​​protocol.

In the box, a quarter of an hour later, A race against the clock began to have Fernando’s car available for qualifying (4:00 p.m.). in just two hours, when it had to change many parts in the rear area, with the gearbox and the self-supporting chassis structure included among others. Car arrived at the box at 1:45 p.m. and they had 1.45 left to have the car fixed.

Sainz, the best with the initial soft

Carlos He won the game against Leclerc with a game of initial softs, after several attempts after cooling off. He even had the best time twice, with two laps separated by only 0.008. They were only 0.020 different from Charles, but enough to show that they will be in the running for qualification.

Verstappen, with the medium, improved a lot compared to Friday and was third, with a compound that in theory is 0.4 worse than the soft, so he also achieved the best virtual time at the same time of the session.

After the first set of tires

1 Carlos Sainz Ferrari (B) 1’16″067 10

2 C. Leclerc Ferrari (B) 1’16″087 +00″020 9

3 M. Verstappen Red Bull (M) 1’16″366 +00″299 10

4 L. Norris McLaren (M) 1’16″410 +00″343 5

5 S. Perez Red Bull (M) 1’16″631 +00″564 11

6 K. Magnussen Haas 1’17″108 +01″041 6

7 V. Bottas Stake 1’17″272 +01″205 6

8 G. Russell Mercedes 1’17″319 +01″252 4

9 Fernando Alonso Aston Martin (D) 1’17″339 +01″272 10

10 A. Albon Williams 1’17″363 +01″296 3

11 L. Stroll Aston Martin 1’17″553 +01″486 11

12 N. Hulkenberg Haas 1’17″609 +01″542 6

13 P. Gasly Alpine 1’17″827 +01″760 6

14 E. Ocon Alpine 1’17″856 +01″789 6

15 Mr. Ricciardo RB 1’17″957 +01″890 3

16 L. Hamilton Mercedes 1’18″069 +02″002 5

17 G. Zhou Stake 1’19″123 +03″056 5

18 L Sargeant Williams 1’19″474 +03″407 3

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