Hadjar wins at Imola and Campos Racing leads the Constructors’ Championship; Duerksen podium

Hadjar wins at Imola and Campos Racing leads the Constructors’ Championship; Duerksen podium
Hadjar wins at Imola and Campos Racing leads the Constructors’ Championship; Duerksen podium

Campos Racing leads the Formula 2 Constructors’ Championship after the Imola event with the victory of Isack Hadjar in Sunday’s race. The Frenchman has prevailed over Gabriel Bortoleto in a battle from the first lap to the last. Joshua Duerksen, third, has achieved his first podium in the silver category.

Bortoleto spun wheels at the start and Oliver Bearman took over the top position to lead a race for the first time this season. The Brazilian fell to fourth place, behind Hadjar and also Joshua Duerksen who was in a great position to achieve a great result in this race.

Behind, Pepe Martí held up well with a harder tire than his rivals. The Spaniard opted for a changed strategy, suffering in the first laps to have a softer and fresher wheel at the end. The tire difference is the easiest way to overtake in Formula 2 at Imola and Campos Racing played that card with him.

The first laps with the soft tire were not eventful at all. The immense difficulty in overtaking turned this phase of the race into one of pure management, although the cars were running very close to each other. Franco Colapinto was eighth, ahead of the rival he passed yesterday on the last lap, Paul Aron.

Hadjar and Duerksen started with the stops on lap 6, looking for the undercut to Bearman and Bortoleto. These two entered the next lap and as soon as they changed tires, the young Briton stalled the car and lost any chance of winning this race. Campos Racing led the race with the Frenchman.

Hadjar began another different phase of the race, that of managing his tires as much as possible. Bortoleto was three seconds behind the Frenchman, with Duerksen at the same distance and Andrea Kimi Antonelli fourth. The Italian entered two laps later than the rest, so he was going to have wheels in better condition for this longer run.

Colapinto, thanks to the slow stops of Zane Maloney and Roman Stanek, together with Bearman’s error, had gained three positions by strategy and was already fifth. The Argentine put pressure on Antonelli who knew that his career was at the end. Of course, the Italian’s pace was not as good as expected and instead of moving forward, he had to look back.

Hadjar and Bortoleto had extra pace on the hard tyre, while Duerksen had Antonelli well under control from behind. Maloney, the most consistent in all of Formula 2 to date, was going to suffer a lot to overtake Stanek, something that Jak Crawford took advantage of to win the game against both of them. The one from Barbados, leader of the Championship, was not going to score points today, nor was his team, Rodin.

The group of six drivers, which had Martí in second place, tried to stretch that hard tire to the maximum and Juan Manuel Correa was the one who began the rush towards the pit-lane in search of the soft one. At the time of Cordeel’s stop, one lap later, Cordeel’s right rear tire flew off and hit one of the Campos Racing mechanics, the one with Pepe’s left rear wheel.

That mechanic for Martí’s left rear wheel took, logically, a second longer than expected and another of the mechanics, without knowing what had happened, gave Pepe the green light to leave when that tire was not tight. He also lost his wheel and like Cordeel, was left standing in the garage with no points.

In the final laps, Bortoleto caught up with Hadjar, but the Frenchman closed the door very well and did not give the Brazilian the slightest option. Isack crossed the finish line in first place to take the victory, his second in a row in a Sunday race, with which he advances to third position in the Championship.

Bortoleto was second, his best result in Formula 2 to date and Duerksen also achieved his first podium in the bronze category with a great performance. Fourth was Antonelli, another one who is going from less to more and Colapinto held off Aron to be fifth. The Estonian, sixth, reduces his disadvantage with Maloney by eight points and the top three in the Championship are now separated by only nine points.

Crawford finishes seventh, with Juan Manuel Correa, his teammate, right behind him in eighth, carrying that changed strategy into the points zone. Victor Martins climbed back to ninth position and the last point went to Richard Verschoor, tenth.

With this victory and Rodin’s zero, Campos Racing takes the lead in the Constructors’ Championship, by a single point. Those from Alzira have achieved the 25 units necessary to get out of this event in first place, but it could have been another six more with Martí. A shame about that incident in the pit-lane, which despite having wheels in the air, ended without any injuries, something that is always appreciated.


1. Isaac Hadjar Fields 54’01″509 35
2. Gabriel Bortoleto Undefeated +0″569 35
3. Joshua Duerksen P.H.M. +13″736 35
4. Andrea Kimi Antonelli Prema +18″034 35
5. Franco Colapinto M.P. +18″489 35
6. Paul Aron Hi Tech +18″815 35
7. Jack Crawford DAMS +20″737 35
8. Juan Manuel Correa DAMS +21″240 35
9. Victor Martins ART +28″364 35
10. Richard Verschoor Trident +33″507 35
eleven. Zane Maloney rodin +34″107 35
12. Dennis Hauger M.P. +34″346 35
13. Zak O’Sullivan ART +37″657 35
14. Kush Maini Undefeated +37″957 35
fifteen. Ritomo Miyata rodin +38″402 35
16. Rafael Villagomez VAR +42″357 35
17. Enzo Fittipaldi VAR +43″055 35
18. Roman Stanek Trident +43″575 35
19. Oliver Bearman Prema +44″017 35
twenty. Taylor Barnard P.H.M. +44″876 35
RET. Pepe Marti Fields 30
RET. Amaury Cordeel Hi Tech 30
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