Pep Guardiola’s phrase after winning the Premier League that set off all the alarms at Manchester City

Guardiola, with the sixth Champions trophy (Reuters/Lee Smith)

If when I arrived here they told me that I was going to win six leagues in seven years, I didn’t believe it. He would have called you crazy, there’s no way to get it. With all these players from Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea, with all those teams. This period is ours. We were without Haaland for several months and Álvarez did an incredible job. Foden is a great talent. At the important moment he delivered. We have fantastic players, but with Foden we have an extra. And Arsenal have pushed us to be at another level. Liverpool did it before, but in the last two seasons it has been Arsenal.”

Euphoric as in the climax of the celebrations, but with enough lucidity to immerse himself in analysis, Pep Guardiola sought to explain a new milestone of Manchester City, who won his sixth Premier League since joining the club; the fourth in a row. The 3-1 victory against West Ham definitively decided the fight for the title with Arsenal for Sky Blue.

The former Barcelona and Bayner Munich, 53, has accumulated 17 titles since he first sat on the City bench. And he can add one more star next Saturday, May 25, when his team faces Manchester United in the FA Cup final. However, he sought to minimize his influence on glory.

“The secret? A lot of work. You have to be humble. I won’t say I’m a bad coach, but I have incredible support from the club.. We have a great work ethic, everyone contributes their work and each department of the club is very important. That is the truth and reality,” she stressed.

“The sports director gives me these players and I have to find the best position for them. We cannot play with a false nine with Haaland, for example, we have to adapt to the characteristics of the players. It is not that I have an idea and everyone has to follow it, we adapt to the players,” he continued, along the same lines.

* The main alternatives of the match that defined City’s title

Pep’s contract ends in June 2025 and a few days ago rumors began to circulate that the Premier League champion coach could be facing his last months at the institution. It was David Ornstein, an English journalist specializing in Premier Leaguethe one that fed the version in TheAthletic.

“I don’t think a decision has been made, but the feeling in the industry is that Guardiola will leave the club in the summer of 2025. Of course, I have no evidence yet to support that,” she signed. And in the middle of the toast to the Olympic return, Guardiola did not deny it. On the contrary, he added fuel to the fire.

The reality is that I am closer to leaving than staying. I already spoke with the club and told them that for now I want to stay. I will be here next season, then we will talk, but I have been here for eight or nine years… We will see,” she surprised. Could anything change her mind? At the time, when the waters were stirred regarding a possible sanction with relegation to the City Group’s flagship team for non-compliance with financial Fair Play, Pep assured that, if that scenario occurred, he would stay.

Now, if you comply and leave, what challenge would move you to sit on a substitute bench again? Maybe a top pick?

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