Confirmed: Key Millonarios player misses the rest of the tournament

Confirmed: Key Millonarios player misses the rest of the tournament
Confirmed: Key Millonarios player misses the rest of the tournament

The current situation in Millionaires It’s not easy at all. The Bogotá team is going through a crisis of results that has generated a tense atmosphere among fans, players and coaching staff. The recent performance in the Copa Libertadores has been very poor and with the last second 1-1 draw against Palestino being the latest blow, the pressure is growing on the club.

This result left Millonarios eliminated from both the Libertadores like from the South American, significantly increasing the pressure on coach Alberto Gamero. Some fans are already asking for him to leave if he does not qualify for the BetPlay League final.

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He Millonarios’ immediate schedule is demanding and leaves no room for error. This Sunday, the team receives Bucaramanga at 8 pm in a crucial match in El Campín. Then, on Wednesday, May 22, they will visit Bucaramanga at the Alfonso López stadium, followed by a vital match against Deportivo Pereira on Saturday, May 25. Finally, they will close the group stage facing Junior de Barranquilla in Bogotá. These matches will determine the future of Millonarios in the BetPlay League, and the need to have all its troops is pressing.

The goals return

The good news for the fans and the coaching staff is that the return date of their scorers is already known. According to the results of recent MRIs, Santiago Giordana He suffered a muscle injury in his right leg that will keep him off the field for two weeks. This means that he will be available for the match against Deportivo Pereira on May 25.

In that same meeting, he is also expected to return Leonardo Castro who has been a key piece in the team’s attack, and who was absent due to a shoulder injury he suffered two weeks ago in the Libertadores match against Bolívar.

Cataño does not return

However, the concern for fans intensifies due to the confirmation that another vital player for the team’s offense will miss the rest of the tournament. Daniel Cataño, midfielder and one of the pillars in Gamero’s scheme, will not be able to play the next decisive matches.

“Millonarios FC reports that after a complete evaluation carried out by the Medical Board with several specialists, the player Daniel Cataño underwent a laparoscopic examination of the lateral muscular component and the groin where a granuloma was resected. The procedure was performed without complications. Your disability will be determined according to evolution. ¡We wish our player a speedy recovery and look forward to his return to the fields!” the club said in an official statement.

This news is a hard blow for Millonarios, who were already facing a complicated situation. The absence of Cataño not only weakens the team’s offensive structure, but also significantly reduces Gamero’s tactical options. Cataño, with his ability to create plays and his vision on the field, has been crucial in several games and his loss will be deeply felt in the next matches.

With Cataño out, Millonarios will have to look for alternatives to maintain their competitiveness in the final home runs. Players like Daniel Ruiz and David Silva will have to take on more responsibilities and raise their level of play to compensate for this absence. Furthermore, the pressure on the newly recovereds Giordana and Castro will be even greater, since they are expected to carry the team’s offense.

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The ambassador team is Currently second in quadrangular A with 3 points, one less than Junior, who leads with 4. The mission of Gamero and his team will not be easy, but they will have to show resilience and adaptability to overcome this adversity.

The Millionaires statement

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