Colo Colo vs Palestino: goals: national championship

Colo Colo vs Palestino: goals: national championship
Colo Colo vs Palestino: goals: national championship

Colo Colo knows that he has given advantage in the National ChampionshipFor this reason, after the defeat of Universidad de Chile, they had the great option of reducing the difference in the standings.

He faced a worse fighter Palestinianwho did not make the task easy at the Monumental stadium, where those led by Jorge Almirón scored twice at precise moments, for the final 2-0.

The visit was somewhat unpleasant, after three minutes, Junior Marabel almost scored, but Alan Saldivia was there to act as a wall and prevent the opening of the account.

It was only in the 12th minute, when Arturo Vidal warned with a shot from distance, that the albos began to make themselves noticed, where Zavala was always key in setting up the football for Caique’s exit.

Although a goal by Leonardo Gil was annulled at 14 due to an advanced position, it was at 38 when the first hugs arrived. Once Zavala sent a perfect cross to Guillermo Paiva, who had no problems beating Rigamonti with a header.

Guillermo Paiva celebrates his goal for Colo Colo. Photo: Jonnathan Oyarzun/Photosport

Colo Colo finished off in the second half

In the second half, Palestino again came out with their desire to tie, where they had opportunities with Carrasco, Marabel and Rojas, but they were never able to hit Brayan Cortés’ goal.

For the same reason, goals that are not scored in one goal are always scored in the other. It was Óscar Opazo who took advantage of the gift, when in the 66th minute he scored 2-0 with a shot from outside the area.

Despite the score against, Palestino never gave up and continued looking to close the gap but they were unable to convert the opportunities.

With this victory, Colo Colo is in fourth place in the tournament, with 23 units, where it narrows its difference with the U to five units. For its part, Palestino is fifth with 21, although it has one less game.

Óscar Opazo scored the second for Colo Colo. Photo: Karin Pozo/Photosport

The goals

The previous

Match day at the Monumental, with Colo Colo that receives Palestinian on the 13th date of National Championship from 5:30 p.m.

I find that it has tremendous opportunity to the Chief approaching the leader and get into the fight for the first places. The victory of Catholic University about University of Chile left the option that in case of winning, the albos will be 5 points behind the U.

But the Arabs arrive with one point more than Colo Colo and one game lessso victory is also key for Pablo ‘Vitamina’ Sánchez’s men.


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