Mourning in the DIM: ‘Caretorta’, an emblematic fan of the team, passed away

Mourning in the DIM: ‘Caretorta’, an emblematic fan of the team, passed away
Mourning in the DIM: ‘Caretorta’, an emblematic fan of the team, passed away

This Sunday, Colombian football and, in particular, the fans of Independiente Medellín, received news that filled all its followers with sadness. During the broadcast of the match between Millonarios and Bucaramanga, the renowned reporter Eduardo Luis López revealed the death of one of the team’s most emblematic fans, DIM Palace Caretorta.

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Caretorta Palacio DIM, whose real name is a mysterystood out for his fervor and unconditional dedication to Deportivo Independiente Medellín for more than six decades.

Your name, legally changed to include a direct reference to his love team, is a testament to his devotion and unwavering passion. His death, which occurred on Sunday afternoon due to an accident, has left a deep void in the football community and in the lives of those who knew and admired him.

Caretorta was an iconic figure in the stadium, known for his exciting north-south races with a giant team flag in the stadium Atanasio Girardot. His presence was synonymous with enthusiasm and loyalty, making him a living symbol of love for DIM.

Throughout his life, Caretorta celebrated with the DIM in its most glorious moments, including four of the six league stars the team has earned. One of his most precious memories is the title he obtained in 2002, an achievement that he shared with thousands of fans but that for him had a special and deeply personal meaning.

In September of last year, Caretorta faced a tough battle against two tumors in the pancreas, a fight that he won with determination and the same spirit with which he encouraged his team. From his house, decorated in the blue and red colors of Medellín, he continued to support the team with the same passion as always.

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The news of his death has generated a wave of condolences and messages of support for his family. hinchas, players and members of the football community have expressed their sadness at the death of this passionate fan.

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