Javier Toledo unleashed the madness of the Colón fans

Javier Toledo grows in Colón through sacrifices and goals. He went through different scenarios but as the games go by he is adapting to the tough First National.

The scorer of the goal with which the rojinegros defeated Chaco For Ever recognized that “we needed to win at home, the way we lost to Defensores hurt us, we had approaches and we didn’t make it happen. We couldn’t generate what we had been generating, people became impatient. The penalty play was generated and luckily we won.”

Later he did not hesitate to say that “I am happy, happy, it is my turn to play and I take advantage of the moment, Welcome to the goals, it’s nice and gives you peace of mind.”

The striker ignored that “we needed to win, we knew that we couldn’t miss these three points, the coach takes out whoever has to take out, we are a group, whoever has to go out will support, It’s long, we have to continue down this path.”

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The prize for tranquility

Within that streak with few minutes, no goals and injuries, Toledo recalled that “this is a beautiful moment, I knew that at some point it was going to arrive, I never despaired, I started playing, then I left, I got injured, I never gave up, now let’s continue as we have been doing with the entire group, it is extraordinary, whoever it is will do the best.”

And then, in reference to the penalty, he shot: “We all wanted to take him to the penalty, it was a big responsibility, I was confident, I was going to take charge if the worst happened, Thank God it was possible to continue well up.”

Thinking about San Telmo he said that “the schedule is horrible, you don’t know if you drink mate, eat noodles, It will be a complicated field against a direct rival, enjoy a few hours and start thinking about San Telmo. With continuity and conversion I’m getting better.”

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