one by one against Albo

one by one against Albo
one by one against Albo

Triumph to get excited. San Martín continues and the fans ask him for more and more. This Sunday was a 3-0 victory against All Boys, for the 16th round of the Primera Nacional. The defenders complied and received a standing ovation. Player scores.

Borgogno (6): He didn’t have much work in the goal. He plays fast with the full-backs and always provides security. The fence remains.

Caseres (8): one of the best on the team. He played all the time close to Albo’s nine and didn’t let him do one more. He scored the second goal of the game, after an aerial ball. Excellent work.

Perez (6): He made his debut in the eleven for the expelled Álvarez. He was the protagonist in creating the play for the first goal.

Molina (8): In the first half little was played by his band. He is always attentive to the mark and to deploy to help the balls against him. He closed the afternoon with a great goal.

Pelaitay (6): imprecise at startup, but always necessary to connect in the middle. Captain and leader of San Martín.

Sienra (6): close to the mark and cutting goal balls. He felt firm and confident to get out of the bottom.

T. Fernández (8): owner of the first goal. Easy dribble to get the defenders off of him. He has already established himself as a starter.

López García (7): close to the ball, moving and forced to face. He was close to converting.

Riveros (5): He played as a starter, replacing Santi Barrera. He had a good first half, fighting and showing up to play. He had to leave in the second half due to a severe blow to the back of the head. Montagna entered for him.

S. González (8): He was also one of the best on the court. He always delivers and he was seen attentive in everything to play and make his teammates play. He assisted on the first goal.

Gutierrez (5): little from Maxi in the first half, it was difficult for him to settle in as the minutes passed.

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