Aston Martin will not reverse its car for Monaco

TOl finish fifth in Jeddah (the second race of the year), keeping Russell 50 laps behind, Fernando Alonso recognized that Monaco was one of the places marked in green on the 2024 calendar. “It’s true, because this car warms up the tires very well for one lap, but when we get there it will already be a race pace car and maybe it will have lost that,” he said about the possible evolution of the AMR24.

Fernando was half wrong, with a sixth sense for almost everything. Your car has been losing in ‘punch’in the ratingafter Fernando was eliminated in Q2 in Miami and in Q1 in Imola, while The searched race pace does not appear either.

To the director of Aston Martin, Mike Krackhe was asked about this circumstance, the breakdown of the car on Saturdays and in his tone that almost everything is circumstantial and relative, he gave few clear answers. “Yes, it’s a bit early to say that. In Shanghai we were third on the grid, not long ago, I think four weeks ago. And I think in Miami we should have been better than we were. Monaco is very special and they can happen many things. It’s a little difficult to know with the new rules about traffic and how you have to exit the pit lane and all that,” he stated with some evasions.

“It could be a big challenge and I think we’ll hear a lot of people complaining about the traffic or the window not being right and all that kind of stuff. So, I’m not saying it’s a lottery, but a lot of things can go right but also many can go wrong. In a race without safety cars, McLaren and Ferrari got the car right at the end,” he said coming back. to the race of Imola just because.

For Krack, McLaren’s example is the one to follow now. “Yes, I think McLaren especially shows what you can achieve and what you can do. And this has to be a motivation for all of us, that these distances can be closed. Even at the beginning of the year, maybe we all said that this is a repeat of 2023,” he points out about the turnaround that the season is taking after the seventh race.

“But they showed us the way, they showed that it is possible and we have to recognize that first, but it also has to serve as the right motivation to do better,” he added.

“We’ll go there and see”

Krack was reminded that last year, Alonso was able to win in Monaco, after being just 0.084 behind Verstappen on Saturday and the team missing the right lap to make him stop when the rain came on Sunday. “Yes, we could win everywhere if things had been different. Yes, Monaco last year was last year, now Monaco this year is this year. So we will go there and see,” he stated, wanting to finish his appearance.

“We have to do our homework, we have a lot to work on, we have a lot to understand and we will see how it turns out. We certainly see that this year the margins are getting smaller and as soon as you are on the wrong side of these small margins… It is so close. If you are on the right side, with the improvement of the track, with the traffic, you can have an incredible starting position, but you cannot be completely behind. Driver confidence is absolutely essential in Monaco,” he recalled.

They will not retrace the steps taken

And the key question came, If they would reverse the updates to bring a car more similar to the one at the beginning of 2024, when the tires warmed up instantly and Fernando felt comfortable and confident to push the walls, like in Jeddah, where he was 0.151 behind second place on the grid and was fourth. “No, the update is definitely a step forward. There is no need to remove it,” he settled the matter.

Fernando has many doubts

For Alonso, arriving in Monaco does not have to be a relief, given how Imola was this weekend, with an undrivable AMR24. “It depends on the car. If the car doesn’t behave well in Monaco, it’s torture to go fast on that track. We need to set the car well in Monaco, we have to concentrate on Saturday. Sunday will be like here, no one will overtake, so all efforts will be directed to Saturday,” he told MARCA with a half-smile of circumstance.

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