Mateo Messi made a spectacular play that was impacted by the same gestures as La Pulga

Mateo Messi made a spectacular play that was impacted by the same gestures as La Pulga
Mateo Messi made a spectacular play that was impacted by the same gestures as La Pulga


Mateo Messi, son of Lionel Messi, impressed social media users in a video where he shows his skills with the ball at his feet. In a scene that occurred after the end of a match of the Inter Miamithe son of the Argentine star dazzled the audience with a series of feints, pipes and movements that bear the trademark of his surname.

When analyzing the multimedia content in detail, it is observed how Benjamin Suarezson of Luis Suarezhas the ball dominated and it is intercepted by Mateo, who, far from shrinking, proposes playing with the ball inside the area and that is when the magic happens: the little boy, who is a member of the youth divisions of Inter Miami, made a series of feints coordinating his feet and hands that left his followers stunned by his resemblance to his father.

Mateo Messi threw a pipe at Benjamín Suárez, son of LuisMarin Federico (Journalism of Interest Editor)

How capricious genetics are, it has exactly the same trimming gestures as the father. What else is enough“, stated the X user called @Tagelca to graph the similarities between the movements of Leo and his son Mateo, who is considered the heir.

With a tiny size, Mateo not only carried the ball tied to his feet and even threw a pipe, but he also protected possession with his body against Benjamín Suárez, who has a more robust and armed body.

When establishing similarities, users pointed out in the closed fist of Mateo when it comes to carrying the ball on his feet, as well as in stopping and controlling the ball, a very marked technical feature in the career of the 36-year-old Rosario attacker. To exemplify this, a forum member added a video of La Pulga in Barcelona with his characteristic slalom to get rid of rivals.

“His driving with his feet glued to his feet and his style when hitting the ball with an inward ball raising his arms, I saw it a thousand times with Leo and seeing him once again with his son is a sign that it will happen again at a high level”; “I see the arms when they make the pipe and I get chills”; “And as he needs them he gets up like a dog blinded by the ball. As the father”; “If the child becomes a quarter of his father, football will smile”; “The hip movement when he recovers the ball to hold on to the 9. God, it’s coming” and “I swear I saw this video and it’s as if I were watching any video of Messi Sr.,” were the most notable mentions.

Mateo Messi is part of the lower divisions of Inter Miami

It should be noted that, previously, Matthew He showed his repertoire on the playing field with the Inter Miami shirt. Possessing quickness, mixed with dribbling, pasture and a good shot on goal, one of La Pulga’s sons quickly began to show credentials of having his father’s genetics impregnated and, with each appearance on social networks, he leaves people speechless. the Argentine fans who are excited about the possibility of him taking over from Lionel and becoming the heir to his talent.


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