Mercedes F1 delays the decision of its second driver for 2025 to autumn

The Mercedes team is still searching for its best option to replace Lewis Hamilton after the seven-time champion announced his departure to Ferrari. After many rumors and some pieces that are already fitting into the puzzle that is the grid of the 2025 Formula 1 seasonthe director of Brackley, Toto Wolffis in no great hurry to reveal the name of George Russell’s partner, and puts off the decision more and more.

One of the most desirable options is that of Carlos Sainz, who will leave Maranello at the end of the year, although the Spaniard also wants to wait to see which is the best option, as he has repeatedly stated. Another possibility is to go up to Andrea Kimi Antonelli directly from Formula 2something that carries risks due to its youth, but the market is not closed, and many others also have possibilities.

However, the Austrian was insisted on during the weekend at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix because of the chances of acquiring the services of the Madrid native to take Lewis Hamilton’s placeand answered: “I think Carlos [Sainz] “He has a place in Formula 1, he has won races with Ferrari in the last two years and he is someone with enormous experience.”

“I think what I said is that we have to prepare to commit to certain decisions and wait a long time, to see how the situation develops during the summer and autumn,” commented Toto Wolff, thus delaying his final verdict. “With George [Russell]”We have a great driver who is with us, fantastic, and let’s wait to see who his teammate will be, but we don’t need to make this decision now.”


Regarding the other candidate, the 17-year-old Italian, the head of Mercedes wants to be cautious, since he is too young to be in a Great Circus team: “We have been excited about this young man for a long time, one day he will be a great Formula 1 driver, but he is 17 years old, 14 months ago he was in a Formula 4 car, and there are many expectations in Italy.”

“We are a bit guilty of talking about him at the time, we should let him do his job in Formula 2, get results and not have to carry the weight of what could be or should be,” he said. about Andre Kimi Antonelli. “Look at George, he won F3 and F2 in his rookie year – at the same time, Kimi has to perform in those lower categories, now he’s in F2, let’s see. One day he will be in Formula 1, but not Let’s rush.”

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