Celtics – Pacers | Indiana and Haliburton: a decade waiting for a PlayStation player

Celtics – Pacers | Indiana and Haliburton: a decade waiting for a PlayStation player
Celtics – Pacers | Indiana and Haliburton: a decade waiting for a PlayStation player

Indiana Pacers are in the conference finals, where they face the favorite on that side of the bracket. In Boston the Celtics will begin a tie that for the yellows is a return to the past. It’s been exactly ten years since they last came this late in the season. Again they are the underdogs, like a decade ago with the Heat of LeBron, Wade and Bosh. Those Pacers had it in hand even a year earlier, when they took that superteam based in Florida to seven games. Where Frank Vogel established himself as an elite coach, a wall as a center in Roy Hibbert who later lost track, Evan Turner and David West as axes of wisdom, the unpredictability of Lance Stephenson and, of course, a leader in those very young moments like Paul George. They don’t cling to that story, they simply revisit it. to try not to repeat the defeat.

Boston Celtics defend their status as number one in the League in the regular phase, not just in the Eastern Conference, starting today. They want to see themselves again in the Finals, like two years ago against the Warriors. The two tests he has passed have not required a severe effort; Heat and Cavaliers fell in just five games. The playoffs They have done relatively well, since in the negative section there is the injury of Kristaps Porzingis who at the moment we will not see on the court due to the strain he suffers in the right soleus. A mole, just one. In the rest there is no problem. Mazzulla’s men arrive emboldened and rested, something that the Pacers cannot buy. The series against the Knicks has been suffocating, pure pain, and they have abandoned it with only two days of rest before facing the next one. Although the coaching staff has enjoyed extensive rotation, that factor can be decisive.

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The Pacers They want to repeat the finale in the same season. And do it for the first time. How to read. With the introduction of the mid-season cup tournament, in which the Lakers won against the Indianapolis team in Las Vegas, it is possible for them.

He offensive deployment What Rick Carlisle has proposed for these players is leading them to unusual success. Acceleration, quick passes, counterattacks, a lot of long shots taking advantage of mobility and space and, above all, quick decisions to not let the person who has to stop them think. Although some teams have gotten the hang of it, what is equally true is that they are among the four best in 2023/24.

The Celtics They will have practiced the art of video review with special emphasis. Now that the Nuggets, current champions, have been left out, the chances of winning the title increase. For them the count increases in years: sixteen without feeling at all high.

As it never hurts to see where you come from, and in the case of the Knicks-Pacers it served to remember the figure of Reggie Miller, those in the state of basketball have proven this year that the race to stardom is not a one-way street. In 2012, 2013, 2014 the trend was strong defense, the Heat had a hard time reaching the Finals in those three stages due to the Pacers’ ability to nullify the fantasy game that was expected from that time. big-three. The way this franchise plays in 2024 is the opposite: high scores, more attention up top than down, total offense. During the regular season have been the first in points (123.3) and the second in pace (101.7)for more information.

The Celtics They are going to face something unfathomable. Where are the limits of who will be your opponent? Few know it. This year, as a result of the Cup’s imbalance, they have played five times and not four, with three wins for Boston and two for Indiana; equality to enjoy.

Among the players the Pacers are counting on to deliver the surprise, which we could call it that way if it happens, one stands out among the rest: Tyrese Haliburton. 24 years old, 196 tall, a transfer from the Kings for Sabonis, and, confirming predictions, a rising star for the NBA. This year the man with the voice changes has competed in the All-Star for the second time in a row. And not only that: in a selection in which names of the highest caliber have been left out, he has agreed to the call of twelve from the United States for the Olympic Games, a historic union of players that aims to make the legend of the Dream Team less original. He has placed himself at that level. The collective goes hand in hand with the personal when you are the franchise player, something that Hali does not escape: the volume of the Pacers in attack has forced him to sign his season with more shots of two and three made, dropping a peak his success percentages in both records, but he has also seen his best side directing the game by becoming the top assist in the entire League with an average of 10.9 per game. He explained this privileged vision with a significant example while chatting in The Ringer during an interview: “Honestly, a lot of my knowledge to learn to play came from video games. That’s how I machine sometimes: like when you’re in 2K on the PlayStation, and you get that camera angle where you can see everything that’s happening in front of you.”. The Pacers knew how to secure that talent by offering him the attached renewal for rookies, a five-year contract that will take effect this summer worth $204.4 million. Everything happens through him.


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