“It’s a new beginning in F1”

A podium knows little. This is how the feelings of some F1 teams have changed. Specifically two; McLaren and Ferrari. The Scuderia did not hide and arrived at Imola with improvements that they described as incrediblealmost a by car, although they have worked and have taken a step forward, it has been seen that they went a little over ambitious, because It seems that they have Red Bull and McLaren ahead of them.

However, Within the Italian team they are happy with the package of improvements and take positive points from the weekend in his house. Frederic Vasseur He assured that they could have obtained a better result, since in the race they had a pace similar to that of their rivals: “We have slightly mixed feelings because I think that today it was impossible to do better than what we did because it was difficult to overtake. But yesterday we did “We could have done it in Qualifying. If we had started later, it would have been a different story.”

The Ferrari Team Principal always speaks openly and seemed very confident in his statements. He is convinced that they are at the same level as those in Milton Keynes and Woking and that there could be a championship: “We can say that it is a new beginning in F1, because today there were three teams very close to each other, in just 6 seconds. This means that there is less than a tenth between the three cars. It is something very good for the championship.”

It’s a new beginning in F1. There is less than a tenth between three cars

Frédéric Vasseur, Ferrari Team Principal

“I don’t want to set goals for the season. I just want to do a better job from weekend to weekend. We must always represent the company in the best way,” he commented. Yes indeed, He doesn’t see it as crazy to win Verstappen: “I don’t know if I can beat Max, but the truth is that we have a very similar pace and now we are fighting with them. We need to take another small step forward, but every race is a story and Monaco will be one. We will have an even better result and different”.

Monaco can be Ferrari territory

The next grand prix, Monaco, could be good for Ferrari. In recent years their cars have adapted very well to the circuit and they have been among the fastest, although due to small errors they have not been able to convert that pace into victories. Furthermore, it is a track in which Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc They feel very comfortable, although the Monegasque has a curse with the layout of his house.

The Prancing Horse Team Manager does not want to create expectations for Monaco, although he does He believes it will be very different and who knows if this time they can be the team in front: “It is difficult to know how we will do in Monaco, because it is a very atypical circuit. I think we will achieve a great result, we have all the characteristics to do a good job in Monaco,” he concluded.

We will achieve a great result in Monaco

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari Team Principal

The sensations of Leclerc and Sainz

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz’s weekend has been different. While The man from Madrid warned that the improvements were not that many and that they had not made a very big leap, the Monegasque was too happy about Friday’s free practice. And yes, Sainz was right. Of course, the Spaniard had a harder time understanding the improvements and said that they will have to look at things ahead of Monte Carlo: “I can’t say that I’m happy, mine has been a very difficult race. I have to work with the team to understand why.” I was not able to be competitive either in qualifying or in the race pace,” Sainz explained.

“Today’s race was good, we got even closer to our rivals and with a better classification we could have given our fans a better result,” he began Leclerc, who like Vasseur believes that the improvements have worked as expected: “There are many positives we took home from this race: the improvements worked as expected and we increased our competitiveness.”

The improvements worked as expected and we increased our competitiveness

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari driver

At first glance it seems that Carlos is right. There was improvement, yes, but not as big as that of McLaren, since They couldn’t lap faster than Max Verstappen. But it is true that the three teams are very evenly matched and are at a point where in some circuits they will be able to fight for victory and if the trend of recent years continues, Monaco will be one of these. As in Imola, the Qualy on Saturday will be key.

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