Nicolás Castillo launches against the UC for criticism

Nicolás Castillo launches against the UC for criticism
Nicolás Castillo launches against the UC for criticism

Nicolás Castillo is now launching against the UC. The forward, who traveled to Barcelona to undergo surgery, does not miss the condemnation that the club made of the conduct he maintained after the victory over Universidad de Chile. The forward made obscene gestures directed at the blue fans, after the clash in which Tiago Nunes’ team beat Gustavo Álvarez’s team, at the National Stadium.

Who knows why they don’t do it, but they do apologize for a gesture“, the forward responds to a fan who exposed the attacks of which the crossed players were victims by the blue partiality. “And why don’t they report that Marquesina threw stones, coins and spit on the bench?” asks the fan. “TRUE?“, responds the battering ram.

Until now, Castillo’s situation is uncertain, since Judge Cristián Garay’s report is not known, which will be revealed after the day ends.. However, given the possibility of being sanctioned, The attacker will not receive too drastic a punishment, so it is very likely that it will coincide with the period established for his recoverya situation that, in any case, is beyond the reach of the Disciplinary Court.

Nicolás Castillo’s response.

After the game, through his official account on X, Cruzados regretted Castillo’s behavior, although without mentioning it. “Cruzados regrets the expressions and gestures of a player from our team towards the rival fans and offers the corresponding apologies,” he explains.

These attitudes are not consistent with the values ​​that every representative of our institution must express.”, the club delves into, giving an account of the rejection that the athlete’s actions produced, at an institutional level.

Those words are what the attacker refutes by responding from his Instagram account to the fan who offers him his support and gives him reasons to confront the club’s position.

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