“My dream is to be champion in Colo Colo” – En Cancha

“My dream is to be champion in Colo Colo” – En Cancha
“My dream is to be champion in Colo Colo” – En Cancha

May 21, 2024 at 00:10 hrs.

Williams Alarconwho is in the roster of 55 players to compete in the Copa América with La Rojadoes not forget his time in the team where he was formed: Colo Colo.

In conversation with the program This is how they talk about football from D Sports, the Huracán midfielder from Argentina confessed the great desire he has, if he wears the Cacique shirt again.

“My dream is to be champion in Colo Colo and have continuity,” The midfielder pointed out without hesitation, who later went on to explain how his departure from the Monumental Stadium in 2021 came about.

Alarcón and the request to Gustavo Quinteros to leave Colo Colo

“At the time I was with Gustavo Quinteros“I had a couple of meetings with him, because I wanted to play and I felt 100 percent fit to do so,” said Alarcón.

Finally, he said that “he opted for other variants and I let him know that I wanted to go out and play, that it was no use for me to be here on the bench and play for 5 or 10 minutes. I talked to him, he talked to the leadership so they would let me leave and, thank God, I was able to leave. Today I am where I am by making good decisions together with my family.”

Williams Alarcón’s stage in Colo Colo

Williams Alarcón spent four seasons in Colo Colo (2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021), played 42 games and did not score goals. As for titles, he won the 2021 Chile Cup.

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