Barrera gets bored of Tagle and Lepe at UC: “I am the mother”

Barrera gets bored of Tagle and Lepe at UC: “I am the mother”
Barrera gets bored of Tagle and Lepe at UC: “I am the mother”

Catholic University lives a sweet present after the 2-1 victory against Universidad de Chile in the Clásico Universitario, which was marked by the great goal of Fernando Zampedri which allows him to reach 109 in his history with the crossed shirt.

The entire context of the internal struggle that he has to become the historic scorer of the UC, a list that is led by Rodrigo Barrera with 118 points, in a campaign that has been controversial.

It was the same former forward, who also had time at the University of Chile, who assures that the idea that Zampedri surpasses him in scoring has become a martyrdom, due to criticism and opinions where he and his family are attacked.

Barrera was on “We Are All Technicians” on TNT Sports, where he revealed how he experiences this situation in the history of the UC, which has him as the protagonist in a fight that he does not want to be in: “Until it happens to me, I will be in the foreground.”

Barrera is unloaded by the UC deal

“For me, since I stopped playing a long time ago, people don’t understand that, if I scored those goals, it’s because I did my goal well. Because it seems like I’m enemy number one. I never sought to score more goals than anyone else, I gave passes, I threw crosses, I did it and I did it well, but as long as I don’t pass I will be in the foreground,” he explained.

Along these lines, he points to two people from the Catholic University, who have given statements, such as Juan Tagle, president of Cruzados and the former captain, Mario Lepe, who called him “unspeakable.”

“That they don’t value me is one and when they make statements, like those of Tagle or Lepe, I take it with humor, but they don’t realize that I have a family, daughters, mother, father, who worry about why people “Throw shit,” he explained.

In that sense, he points out that his family is the one who suffers at a time when the focus is on Zampedri: “My daughters see on social networks and a number of things come out, that I am the number one enemy, that I hope this happens to me, that I am a dead man, an unmentionable, a mother, even Lucho Jara.”

Fernando Zampedri scored a great goal in the University Classic. Photo: Pepep Alvujar/Photosport

“I don’t care (if it happens). Zampedri is a great player, a great scorer, but he doesn’t matter to me. I already did mine,” he concluded.

How many goals did Rodrigo Barrera score at Universidad Católica?

Rodrigo Barrera is the all-time top scorer for Universidad Católica with 118 goals, followed by Raimundo Infante with 114. Then comes Fernando Zampedri, the only one who can move them with his 109 active goals.

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