Kroos and a path with James: Under 17 World Cup, Madrid and Bayern

Kroos and a path with James: Under 17 World Cup, Madrid and Bayern
Kroos and a path with James: Under 17 World Cup, Madrid and Bayern

The news of Toni Kroos’ retirement surprised everyone. The 34-year-old midfielder announced that he will leave football when he finishes his participation in the European Championship with Germany. He does it at a high level and is close to winning his sixth Champions League. The German had a Colombian connection and it was with James Rodríguez with whom he shared several stages.

Kroos and James played the U17 World Cup in South Korea, both of them as stars of their national teams, then they arrived at Real Madrid at the same timeJames asked the German for advice when he decided to go to Bayern and on his return, when the Colombian had no minutes, he defended him from criticism.

Meeting at the 2007 Under 17 World Cup

The Colombian National Team and the German National Team faced each other in the debut of Group F of the 2007 U-17 World Cup in South Korea. FIFA already had references to the two figures. Kroos and James wore the ’10’. The match was exciting and was tied 3-3.

In that meeting James and Cristian Nazarith were the figures of the Colombian National Team. The forward scored a double to tie the game and the midfielder made an assist. The national team’s goals were scored by Julio Rosette and Nazarith. For Germany, Dowidat scored twice and Sukuta-Pasu.

Kroos that World Cup It came to the last week with Germany where they beat Ghana for third place. At the awards ceremony, the midfielder was the best player of the tournament. Colombia said goodbye in the round of 16, leaving out with Nigeria, which was the champion.

Arrival at Real Madrid and defense of James after being criticized

The two coincidentally were the best of Brazil 2014. James Rodríguez was the scorer and Kroos, one of those who led Germany to become world champion. Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, immediately called those around the two players so that they reached the Spanish team that was looking for a restructuring in the midfield.

The German arrived for 25 million euros and the Colombian for 75 million euros, being one of the record transfers at that time. The two of them broke it that first season and were fundamental for Carlo Ancelotti being starters and making a difference. Then everything changed for James and Kroos continued to consolidate.

James went to Germany, but returned to Real Madrid to look for a second chance, however, things did not go that way and the midfielder was relegated. In a match against Betis he was criticized because in a match against Betis he left the Bernabéu before the match was over.. Toni Kroos came to his defense. “It’s not that James and Bale don’t want to watch the games, they are with us and want to help (…) no player wants to be injured. It’s a shame not to have James and Bale with us, but I hope they are well when they return from their national teams, we need them when they are well,” he highlighted.

Almost four years have passed since the Colombian’s final departure from Madrid, but the admiration between the two remains. Now, shortly after Kross’ announcement, James spoke out on Instagram stories and praised the German for his career.

“What class, what elegance. What a pleasure to have played with you Toni. Congratulations on your incredible career, legend”was the message from the 10 of the Colombian National Team.

James Rodríguez says goodbye to Toni Kroos.Capture / Instagram James Rodríguez

Tips from Bayern Munich

James’ arrival at Bayern was also important. Upon his arrival, the Colombian highlighted for the club’s official networks that before signing for the German team He asked Toni Kroos for advice, who spent several years at that club.

“I spoke with Toni four months ago and asked him about the club and the city (…) “He told me that the city is fantastic and that Bayern is a great club.”, highlighted on BayernTV. The Colombian had a good season, but then he did not consolidate.

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