McLaren modifies legendary colors to honor Ayrton Senna

McLaren modifies legendary colors to honor Ayrton Senna
McLaren modifies legendary colors to honor Ayrton Senna

The date N°8 of the Formula 1 World Championship and the setting will be the principality of Monacowhere McLarenteam of Lando Norris and Piastriaims to honor one of the most winning drivers in the history of this circuit, Ayrton senna.

The Brazilian, legend of the F1 and six-time winner in Monaco (5 of them with McLaren), was honored at the Imola GP 30 years after his fatal accident that cost him his life, but now, legendary team Prepare your own tribute.

On the social networks of McLarenthe franchise confirmed that they will leave aside the mythical ‘papaya orange’ of their cars to incorporate the colors yellow, green and blue of the iconic helmet of the late Brazilian pilot.

The car also includes iconic phrases from Senna inside the passenger compartment, as well as the inscription ‘Senna’ on the front and rear wings.

“The extraordinary life and legacy of Ayrton Senna”

Zak BrownCEO of McLaren, detailed in a conference about wearing Senna’s colors on the car, at which time he assured that “the team is proud to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary life and legacy of Ayrton senna through this McLaren decoration.”

“Senna continues to be revered and respected as the greatest icon of the Formula 1 and the most decorated pilot in “McLaren”he emphasized.

Finally, he recognized that “its impact on McLaren is hugenot only for his results in the races, but also for his presence within the team, and now for his legacyso it is an honor to race for him on his most successful circuit with his green, yellow and blue colors.”

Notably McLaren has been working on the idea of ​​decorating Senna for 12 months, and has the full blessing of the ex-pilot’s familywho have participated in all phases of the process.

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