Colón-Talleres, 30,000 tickets and the “mistreatment of Rosario”

Colón-Talleres, 30,000 tickets and the “mistreatment of Rosario”
Colón-Talleres, 30,000 tickets and the “mistreatment of Rosario”

Tuesday 5/21/2024


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Fernando Peverengo came to occupy a position that he already knew: that of being the person most responsible for security at mass events – football is that – in the province. Then he had a stint at the Municipality, but upon his return to this role he encountered a couple of important issues on which he began to work and achieved them effectively. The most notable is the coexistence of two bars in the club, which had led to serious confrontations, gunshot wounds, threats to the leaders and to each other, apart from the crossed chants of a tribune. to the other. “We are not going to allow two bars to coexist in Colón,” Peverengo said as soon as he took office. And the truth was that the “company” was not easy at all, a priori, taking into account the seriousness of the situation. But action was taken. And so it was that “La Negrada” has practically disappeared, which is the faction that was located in the south stand of the stadium and, for example, which was prevented from accessing the cities in which Colón played when the visiting fans They could attend, in the case of Paraná with the Argentine Cup or Santiago del Estero with that match for the Champions Trophy against River, just to mention a few examples.

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Peverengo gave the go-ahead for the match between Colón and Talleres, next Thursday, June 6, to be played on the Newell’s Old Boys field. And he was the trigger for a talk in which other topics were touched on.

-How are you handling it, Fernando? Are you satisfied with what has been done until now?

-We come with previous experience and that counts for a lot. Rosario is where the changes we have been proposing are most noticeable. Our objective has been to ensure that entering, staying and leaving a soccer field does not become an ordeal for people. And we are achieving it.

-Let’s go to specific topics. Today on the Colón court you cannot see or breathe that atmosphere of confrontation and conflict that existed before, due to the existence of two bars. How did you get it?

-We entered with the idea of ​​avoiding the coexistence of two bars and one of the first points was to attack that problem. We are not going to allow that to happen inside the stadium. The leaders accompanied this work, because the issue was complex. In Argentina it was said that the problem of football was the visiting fans, that acts of violence were caused by the attendance of visiting fans at the stadiums. What was done, then? The visiting fans were removed. So I ask: is the violence over?… And the answer is negative… So we have to be cautious and approach the problem in another way.

-That is clear, but what did they do so that one of the factions of the Colón bar practically disappeared and today another panorama is observed in the south tribune, that of the Fonavi?

-We work with strong support from the province’s police. I remember that there was a game where they threw a couple of bombs, I think it was with the Board of Trustees, to intimidate us and with the aim of having the game suspended. That was the limit… What did we do? There are 32 or 33 people who have the right of admission and will no longer be able to enter the Colón field or any stadium in the country in the Argentine Cup matches for four years. In addition, the entrance to the south stand is now through an auxiliary field and with that we have much more control. And what I also see, with great pleasure, is that there are many families who are going to the south stand. In four or five months, we achieved that and for us it is very pleasing to have contributed to the family returning to that rostrum.

-Is the bar disabled?

-There are five or six people who are entering the field, who have no reason to prevent them, but who are observing. We have images during the game of what they do on the field. Many times, instead of singing or watching the game and cheering on the team, they look at the fourth floor of the south balcony box, which is where the police are, because they know they are being watched… If you want to go enjoy a game, they won’t have problems.

The photo is 7 years old. It was when Fernando Peverengo accompanied the current governor of the province, Maximiliano Pullaro, in the Ministry of Security. It is on the Colón court, a place where a lot of work was done to deactivate the existence of the two bars. A job that is beginning to be noticed. Credit: Amancio Alem

-Let’s go to the match with Talleres de Copa Argentina, will it be played in Rosario?

-Some time ago they spoke to us, we spoke with the Rosario police where there were very positive changes in the field operations and we came to the conclusion that the operation could be set up without problems. We modified entrances, we changed those phenolics and now the entrance to the stadium no longer looks like a concentration camp, as it did before. The police also changed, we ask that there be no police overaction nor that the police be the ones that generate the problems, because we know that that also happened. We understand that the game can be played in Rosario. Talleres insisted on playing in Buenos Aires, that is why it was not defined, but everything is given for it to be played in Rosario.

-Do you take a risk being in Rosario and with the situation that exists in that city?

-You always take risks, but you have to make decisions. Note that the other day, there was an alleged statement that indicated that a confrontation could occur between the fans of San Martín de Tucumán with those of Colón, on the occasion of the Argentine Cup match that the Tucumán team played with Almirante Brown on the Colón field. . And that the Tucumán fans were going to arrive armed in the city. And it turns out that absolutely nothing happened. The reality is that Rosario is being given a very bad image, she is being stigmatized and mistreated… I hope what happened 20 years ago is not happening, when Hermes Binner began to have a national position and what was done was destroy Rosario to create a bad image for Binner… There are problems, of course there are. But not to the extent that it is being considered.

-Do you think it is getting bigger, that a bad image is being created for Rosario on purpose?

-I am convinced that this is the case and I say this on a personal basis… I have to be in massive shows of all kinds and if I saw that there was a risk, I would not approve of a match like the one in Colón-Talleres being played. I go two or three days a week to Rosario and my trips have to do with massive shows, whether sports or musical. And I see that everything is fine, that there is normality, that of course there are things to improve, but that the climate is good and does not agree with everything that is said.

-And Central’s match with Peñarol?

-Look… Outside the field, there were zero problems… Zero… Inside, a plate player almost put out a player’s eye and against that, what can be done?… And then, there is the of the fence that the Central fans pulled up and down on the Peñarol fans… And I’m going to say something: if Central continues in the second phase of Libertadores or in the Copa Sudamericana, whether Conmebol likes it or not, Central He is going to play with people on his field in the next international match.

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-Regarding that location of the fans, did you make a self-criticism? Was a mistake made when placing them the way they were?

-I am very self-critical and we learn from mistakes. Central’s own leaders asked that the fans position themselves in the way they were positioned. Everyone agreed, including the Conmebol observers. If the fence had worked well, what happened would not have happened. For the next match, we will place the away fans at the top.

-We are far away for many reasons from visiting fans returning to the fields in Argentine soccer in general and the reasons are not only security, because today the fields, in many cases, are too small for the clubs only by putting their players in. people. Without a doubt, the government takes on a big challenge with this party that is going to have a lot of attendance, Fernando…

-Those who do things will always make mistakes, because those who don’t do things never make mistakes. We are convinced that it can be done and done well. That, as a first measure. And now our objective is to try to organize the issue of the match previews.

-Are you referring to people who go early to eat a choripán, for example?

-In Rosario it happened with Avellaneda Street, in Rosario with Pellegrini Avenue, in Union with that cut that was made between the street on Primero de Mayo and Pellegrini Boulevard. We think a lot about the neighbors, because if it were up to them, they would want there to never be games. But we want the city to have life and for everyone to be able to work. But don’t let that affect the tranquility of the neighbors or the rest of the people who have the right to move around the city without problems.

-Are you saying that because of the barbecue joints in Colón that are located in Jota Jota Paso or also in Zavalla?

-Of course!… In Unión we managed to get everything off the boulevard and have them located on Cándido Pujato and in the old hospital square… In Colón, we want to bring the sale of choripanes as close as possible to the stadium so that the neighbors from Jota Jota Paso and those from Zavalla, around Jujuy more or less, stop suffering from these problems due to the stalls selling choripanes. Then, you can occupy the northern side of Jota Jota Paso between Freyre and Zavalla, which is almost all commercial and the hypermarket area and the roundabout in front of the stadium.

-Returning to Colón-Talleres. Allowed capacity?

-10,000 popular and 5,000 seats for each one. A total of 30,000 entries.

-Can we confirm then that it is going to Rosario?

-Last night I returned from the Rosario Central game and I spoke with the police chiefs so that we can prepare for that game… You know what football is like better than I do, they can change at any time. For now, everything is ready to confirm the Newell’s field for that match… And we are also preparing an important match such as the one between San Lorenzo and Chacarita, also for the Argentine Cup, which will be played on Friday, June 7 on the Colón field and where we foresee that many people will come.

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