“Medel told me ‘I have money to buy you’; “They wanted to belittle us.”

“Medel told me ‘I have money to buy you’; “They wanted to belittle us.”
“Medel told me ‘I have money to buy you’; “They wanted to belittle us.”

Gary Medel was the main protagonist of an altercation between him and Agua Santa players on March 8, in a duel valid for the Brazilian Cup. The fight in question was with forward Neílton, who in conversation with ESPN Brazil told the details that started it, pointing harshly at the Chilean.

Who are you? Shitty team,’ she said something like that, as if belittling Holy Water. I got to the locker room and found out, then I got angry. “I came back from the dressing room upset”said the Brazilian attacker.

Regarding the words that Medel threw at him in the brawl, Neílton stated: “He tried to talk to me about money. I told him ‘brother, you won’t find anything here, don’t worry’. We scored the tie, as a joke I told him ‘don’t be scared, we’re going to turn it around, are you scared?’. Then he called another foreign colleague and said ‘I have money to buy you’.

The Agua Santa player showed his annoyance at the former Inter Milan’s statements: “I got angry because they wanted to belittle us. If they play for Vasco da Gama, they already have a good salary, why are they going to look down on others?”he declared.

Vasco da Gama was the winner of the duel through penalty kicks 4-1, after a 3-3 draw in regulation time, where another Chilean scored, midfielder Pablo Galdames. During the day this Tuesday, “Time da Virada” took another step in the Brazil Cup, eliminating Benjamín Kuscevic’s Fortaleza.

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