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River’s defensive errors in Temperley’s goal for the Argentine Cup

River’s defensive errors in Temperley’s goal for the Argentine Cup
River’s defensive errors in Temperley’s goal for the Argentine Cup

El Millonario once again suffered from the few guarantees offered by his defense: the three key failures.

Temperley’s goal against River for the Argentine Cup (Photo: TV capture)

River He played a weak game but was seconds away from qualifying for the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup. Until the last action of the night, Temperley tied it with a play full of individual defensive errors of Martín Demichelis’ team, and then triumphed on penalties and eliminated him: the three flaws of the play.

Added time was being played, and for several minutes, due to the rival’s insistence and push and his own defects, the Millionaire was asking for the time. And after a succession of sides, A ball directly into the area once again revealed the shortcomings that the team has in that sectorand that the coaching staff cannot correct.

Fonseca, Martínez and González Pirez, involved in Temperley’s goal

When the Gasolero player executed the throw-in from the side, three errors occurred. The first was by Nicolás Fonsecawho was easily moved with his arms by Juan Pablo Segovia, who gave his first header so that the ball landed on the penalty spot.

The second was from Leandro González Pirezwho lost his mark, the incoming Fernando Martínez who with a barbaric pair of scissors beat Armani, before the eyes of Agustín Sant’Anna, who did not succeed. And the third, almost simultaneously with that of González Pirez, was by Héctor David Martínez (he also missed his penalty), by not offering any resistance so that Luis López could head it to the scorer.

River’s defensive problems are already long-standing. But what previously exhibited teams with hierarchy in attack, now seems to be vulnerable also against lesser caliber rivals. Without a doubt, defense is the great aspect to improve for this team to be able to compete in the Copa Libertadores. The priority position to reinforce?

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