Nicolás Castillo now mercilessly mocks Matías Zaldivia

Nicolás Castillo now mercilessly mocks Matías Zaldivia
Nicolás Castillo now mercilessly mocks Matías Zaldivia

The forward from Universidad Católica continues with his comments against the U after the controversial University Classic.

By Carlos Silva Rojas

05/23/2024 – 21:29h CLT

© PEPE ALVUJAR/PHOTOSPORTNicolás Castillo continues with his controversies.

Despite the fact that the player who has been most talked about after the University Classic among University of Chile and Catholic University It is Nicolas Castillo.

The UC forward celebrated the victory with all his might at the National Stadium and did so with obscene gestures against the U crowd and also called out the blues’ substitute goalkeeper, Cristopher Toselli.

After that, the attacker continued with his scandal on social networks, targeting Johnny Herrera, even against his own team, for apologizing for his behavior.

Now Castillo made fun of Zaldivia

One of the U players who spoke about the issue was defender Matías Zaldivia, who reacted annoyed by what Nicolás Castillo did.

“We don’t like that they disrespect our people, especially on our court, but that’s it,” said the former Colo Colo defender.

These words were replicated by the D13 Instagram account, where Nico Castillo mocked the blue’s sayings.

“Our what,” the attacker wrote, in a mocking tone, because the University of Chile does not have its own stadium. He added the question with a laughing emoticon.

Nicolás Castillo does not stop and mocks the laity every time he can.

Castillo’s mockery against Zaldivia.

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