Yerson Mosquera on ESPN: “We want to win the Copa América and the World Cup”

Yerson Mosquera on ESPN: “We want to win the Copa América and the World Cup”
Yerson Mosquera on ESPN: “We want to win the Copa América and the World Cup”

May 24, 2024, 8:27 PM ET

Yerson Mosquera, Villarreal defender who was taken into account by Néstor Lorenzo in his first list for the Colombia National Team for the United States Copa América, was a guest in ESPN Fshow to talk about this call and your expectations for the mid-year commitment.

The Yellow Submarine center-back had a quick adaptation to Spanish football and earned his place within the team, something that sparked the interest of the Argentine coach, who included him among the 28 names (later 26) that will travel to the United States.

“I was stressed because we have all been doing good work and there is the feeling of knowing if they take you or not. When it was reported that they were taking 26 instead of 23, I felt calmer and I wanted to have the opportunity to at least be taken,” Mosquera commented on the moment of his call.

What objectives do you think Colombia has in the Copa América?: “From the beginning I have realized that we have the same objective, which is to go out and win and win the Copa América and the World Cup.. We believe that we have the condition and enough players, both those who are going and those who are not. We all think positive, day-to-day harmony is key. We believe that we can achieve great things, a title or hopefully both. One thing at a time and now it is the Copa América“.

Regarding his change from the MLS to the Spanish League, Mosquera believes that this was fundamental to have greater consideration. “It was a pretty big change to arrive at Villarreal that gives you the tools to grow. I also arrived and had the opportunity to play right away. You prepare as time goes by to improve on each shortcoming you have. It has been beneficial to come to this league, I have had a positive performance and that is why I was able to help the team in whatever way I can.“.

Néstor Lorenzo’s secret to keeping the group happy and united: “Teacher Néstor is a clear person, he always tries to keep the group quite united.. The entire coaching staff gives you the tools to make you comfortable and feel good. “They always demand the maximum from you because they say that elite players go to the National Team and we must always demonstrate that we have the capabilities to be there.”

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