‘Yoreli hasn’t been here for a while’

‘Yoreli hasn’t been here for a while’
‘Yoreli hasn’t been here for a while’
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The Colombian said that she knows that retirement is approaching and aimed for the podium at the Olympics.

Catalina Usme
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May 24, 2024, 06:24 p.m. m.

Catalina Usme spends a few days on vacation before the start of the Colombian National Team’s training camp for the friendlies against Venezuela (May 30 and June 2) and, as always, she is ambitious in the face of the great challenge, which is the Olympic Games. Paris 2024.

The Colombian, 34 years old, spoke about her first international experience in Pachuca in Mexico and said she felt with a good sporting balance, since she is the top assistant, and especially physically, which for her is essential in the face of the great challenge of the year. .


National teams

However, one of the captains and commanding voice of the successful national senior team created a controversy with her honesty when talking about what happens within the group.

In a conversation with Sports without hesitation from Cali, the player spoke clearly about the case of Yoreli Rincón, who was not called up to the national team.

“I have never heard of vetoes in the Federation, that issue is not our responsibility. There is a technical body that chooses the players and our job is only to play. ‘Yore’ has not been included in the process for a long time, 18 and The process with the existing players has been successful. It is an issue that they have to choose, they will say whether to do it or not,” he said.

Usme said that she saw Rincón’s trill in which she gave up and stopped getting excited and explained: It will be the situation of many players, not just her, many who were there for a long time and did not return, in Colombia and abroad, we all have hope, but choosing who goes and who doesn’t is not up to us.”

The veteran player also spoke about the national team’s goal in the Paris Games: “the team is having an extraordinary sporting moment, we have a very good level to compete and the goal is the Olympic podium, at the top of none there is anything else different.” We have set very big goals. It was the World Cup before but we are left with the thorn in our side of the final, so what we are preparing for is to reach the National Team well to get on the podium. We are clear about what we want. “Let’s go for that podium.”

The leader said that she is excited about the good times of women’s soccer in all categories and that she dreams that this category, which made history in the U-17 World Cup, can be crowned at home so that the sport continues to grow.

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