Lanús struck the blow: he dropped the last champion :: Olé

Lanús struck the blow: he dropped the last champion :: Olé
Lanús struck the blow: he dropped the last champion :: Olé

05/24/2024 8:28 p.m.Updated on 05/24/2024 11:24 p.m.

He gave the blow. Lanús, which had earned just one point in the League, surprised and dropped Estudiantes, the last champion. The local team, guided by the criteria of Marcelino Moreno, won it because it was effective and hit at the right moments. And he cut Pincha’s undefeated record of seven games per tournament.

The match was exciting from the start, with a frenetic back and forth that seemed to anticipate a duel of stick and stick. Bou remained hand in hand and Mansilla drowned out the screams of the Granate fans who fought the cold with their sheer breath. Seconds later, Correa had a clear shot, but he collided with Aguerre’s gloves and Piatti failed to push the rebound as it entered the far post. The match did not have a clear owner, but those from La Plata managed the ball a little more. With long possessions, Cetré, Sosa and Piatti rotated positions behind Correa so as not to give them references to the markers and try to create space. Ascacíbar also surprised by entering unmarked from behind to step into the area. Thus he had two clear situations: a deflected left foot entering the far post and a dangerous header. Estudiantes could have gone ahead, but Sosa did not have a goal validated at the request of the VAR, which detected a previous offside by Piatti.

Lanús, which had been dominated in the first half, surprised at the dawn of the complement. Marcelino Moreno, the most careful and dangerous player in the team, unleashed a precise left foot shot to open the score. Estudiantes felt the blow, but readjusted themselves and reacted with a great advance from Mancuso after a cross from Cetré to seal the tie. Yes, the scorer of the key goal in the League Cup final against Vélez is still on fire. In their eagerness to go for everything, Pincha left themselves unprotected and left spaces that allowed them to get close to Lanús. First he came close with a bomb from Luciatti that Mansilla covered. And after a while Bou, who at the end was sent off for hitting Zuqui, sealed the second.

Students sold the defeat dearly. Grana endured it with order and determination at the end. And he unburdened himself.

Violent robbery of Marcelino Moreno

Before his great left-footed goal for Lanús’ partial 1-0, he had a huge scare. Marcelino Moreno suffered a violent assault in his house in Ezeiza. The Lanús footballer was not at his house at the time of the robbery. Her partner, Katy Rivero, was in the house along with her mother and her two children when two armed and masked criminals burst in. “And there comes a day when two inhumans enter your house, threaten you, physically and psychologically abuse you, without compassion for the children,” she wrote on her Instagram. Regrettable.

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