Exclusive details of Conmebol sanction to the Racing Cylinder

Exclusive details of Conmebol sanction to the Racing Cylinder
Exclusive details of Conmebol sanction to the Racing Cylinder

Racing will play this Tuesday against Sportivo Luqueño for the Copa Sudamericana and, as is known, it will not be able to do so in the Cilindro by decision of Conmebol. The playing field is not in the best condition and the Academy will have to be forced to move to the Lanús field. From 9:30 p.m., then, Costas’ team will play for their place in the round of 16 away from home.

Racing’s discomfort over Conmebol’s decision to disable the Cylinder

Confirmed this bad news for the Cylinder, Racing de Alma investigated a little more about the sanction that Conmebol imposed on the club. The first thing is that There is a lot of discomfort in the leadership. Although they accept that the playing field is not optimal, they understand that there are fields that are even worse and were not sanctioned. “Those from Venezuela and the one in which Boca played with Trinidense are worse than those from Racing and nothing happened. “After this Cup match there is a stop”they slid him to this portal.

In detail, the area of ​​the playing field that was objected to is the external perimeter, more precisely the area closest to the visiting substitutes’ bench. “The grass was reseeded after the Wos recital almost a month ago. The cold affected and there are uneven patches in the crop. But you can play, it’s an excess. “It is too much of a disqualification.”another person who knows the Cilindro grass in detail added to RDA.

The curious thing, in addition to the fact that the decision seems exaggerated, is that Víctor Blanco has a very good relationship with Alejandro Domínguez, the president of Conmebol. In fact, El Cilindro was even proposed as an eventual venue for the finals of continental competitions. Is there something more fundamental that has not yet come to light?

The Cylinder will not be able to receive the match.

The club statement

As soon as the Conmebol sanction against Cilindro became known due to the state of the grass, Racing released a statement. After the meeting with Coquimbo, on date 5, “The Conmebol authorities requested various improvements to the playing field, to which Racing immediately agreed with multiple works.”, Racing published through its official platforms. The club explained: “Despite the urgency in the tasks, the low temperatures of the last few days prevented us from achieving optimal results in the required time. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to members and fans by the change of venue. And at the same time, we ratify our permanent commitment to make our club even bigger.”

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