Resignations and scandal in the women’s national team: “humiliated” and “bullshit” | Without travel expenses and with a sandwich and a banana for lunch

Resignations and scandal in the women’s national team: “humiliated” and “bullshit” | Without travel expenses and with a sandwich and a banana for lunch
Resignations and scandal in the women’s national team: “humiliated” and “bullshit” | Without travel expenses and with a sandwich and a banana for lunch

While the AFA leadership has its mind on warm Miami, where the men’s national team will concentrate during the Copa América, a bomb exploded this Monday in cold Buenos Aires. The thing is three players rejected the call to the National Team to make visible the conditions of “humiliation” and “bullshit” -in the words of the protagonists- to which they are subjected when it is their turn to represent the country.

The steering wheel Lorena Benitezthe defender Juliet Cruz and the archer Laurina Oliverosthree footballers who play in Boca at the club level, took the baton and announced that They will not participate in the upcoming FIFA dateanticipating that their distances can be sustained over time.

“I wanted to express and share with you my reason for absence on this FIFA date. It was a personal decision, for several very sad reasons that I have been experiencing with my country’s National Team,” he began Benitezwho at just 25 years old already played in two World Cups.

“The first reason, a situation that I have not had to experience since I was 14 with the Sub 17: not having the possibility of breakfast or lunch during the training sessions last Tuesday and Wednesday. The usual answer? ‘THERE’S NO MONEY’. Those days we received a ham and cheese sandwich with a banana at the end of the training, having to get home around 3:00 p.m. or more, knowing that we have colleagues who return by public transportation,” the midfielder revealed on her Instagram account.

And the former San Lorenzo and Palmeiras continued: “Another reason was finding out that the travel expenses that we normally receive for FIFA dates were not going to be paid. (since it was played in Buenos Aires). Also note that it was done here to ‘NOT HAVE EXPENSES’ and that the players do not receive anything ‘since there is no money’. But they do charge our families $5,000 to enter the stadium. And so millions of things we’ve been through, being BOUGHT over and over again.”.

The FIFA date in National Team issue (33rd in the international ranking) consists of two games, both against Costa Rica (44th): Friday the 31st at 8:10 p.m. at the Ciudad de Caseros stadium and the Monday June 3 at the same time in Ciudad Vicente López.

“Honestly, wearing the National Team shirt is the most beautiful thing there is, but it is also nice that they value our work, our effort and our sacrifice. We have been carrying a lot of things throughout all these years, many colleagues have left because of the same reasons. I decide not to continue showing my face, sticking my neck out for people who only appear for the photo, who are not interested in seeing our women’s football grow. I decide not to continue being part of the RETROCESSE, of the disappointments that the girls who come after will have. See you soon Selection”, closed the midfielder of the super Boca leader of the local league, with 31 points out of a possible 33.

The Mendoza Cruz, 27, also explained his resignation on social networks. “I make public my non-participation in this FIFA date and probably my non-continuity in the National Team, which was, is and will be my lifelong dream. There comes a point when injustices get tiring, when it’s tiring not to be valued, not to be listened to, and worse still, to be humiliated. You have to have memory, be empathetic with the person next to me, because if I am not, I undoubtedly cannot be on a team. Improvements are needed in the Argentine women’s soccer team and I’m not just talking about economics, I’m talking about training and have a lunch, a breakfast. Not a cold cuts sandwich with a banana… “I just hope that future generations don’t go through this and can really enjoy being in the National Team.”

For its part, the historic Oliveros, eight-time First Division champion (four with UAI Urquiza, four with Boca) was in tune with her teammates, although with a little more poetry. “With a broken heart and a thousand illusions that are fading little by little. My wish for the year and those that follow? That the generations that come can enjoy and be happy running behind the circle, as perhaps at some point we were.”.

It is not the first time that the Argentine National Team soccer players resign from the team to make visible situations that ranged from disagreement with the coach on duty to working conditions. For now, on this occasion, there are three.

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