Jorge Almirón praises U. de Chile: “They are leaders”

Jorge Almirón praises U. de Chile: “They are leaders”
Jorge Almirón praises U. de Chile: “They are leaders”

The Colo Colo coach applauds the game that the U has shown, although he promises a tough fight for the tournament.

By Cristián Fajardo C.

05/27/2024 – 22:28 CLT

© PEPE ALVUJAR/PHOTOSPORTColo Colo has the injury from the Superclásico in the Monumental.

Little by little Colo Colo advances in the standings National Championshipwhere, after the last date, it was only three points away from University of Chilewhich is still at the top.

A tough fight that is beginning to take shape for the second round, where Coquimbo Unidos and Universidad Católica also appear, with a red-hot tournament.

For the same reason, at the Monumental stadium they do not want to talk more, even though they have in mind their final against Cerro Porteño in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, but they are sniffing out the fight with the U.

It was the technician Jorge Almiron who referred to how close they are to the leaders, where he assures that it is good for the tournament, for the teams that are in the fight for the title.

Jorge Almirón hopes to catch the U in the tournament. Photo: Pepe Alvujar/Photosport

Almirón flourishes to the U

But the Argentine coach had a particular way of speaking about the University of Chile, where he assures that with the latest results, the National Championship takes on a different color.

“The tournament was tightened. It’s good for everyone. The big teams are at the top, there are teams like Palestino Coquimbo and Iquique that do well too,” he highlighted.

The most striking thing is that when talking about Universidad de Chile he had no problems highlighting their game, although many believe that it is a play to see them fall.

“That there is parity is good for everyone, it is the best thing that can happen to Chilean football. Currently, Universidad de Chile is playing well and for some reason they are leaders. UC improved and Palestino is a brave team,” he commented.

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