Colo Colo and black magic spells

Colo Colo and black magic spells
Colo Colo and black magic spells

On the field of the Monumental stadium, Colo Colo maintains several rue plants, the ancient bush used by druids, witches and sorceresses to protect houses and people. He had Pablo Guede plant them on the main court and some of the training courts, to overcome the bad streak of negative results at the end of 2016. He also bathed the locker room walls in vinegar. When it was stopped, the plants disappeared, but they returned in bad times, at the request of some players.

The thing is that the world of football is gentlemanly and believes in the occult, although now, in the run-up to playing its key Copa Libertadores match against Cerro Porteño in Paraguay, the unusual dispute on social networks over black magic surpasses any imaginable comparison.

The story became known in the hours before the match that Colo Colo won in Iquique, by virtue of a publication on social networks by Rosemarie Eggers, the wife of left back Erick Wiemberg. “I can swear that I have never seen so much evil in a person, like wanting to take away their colleagues’ jobs and injure them through witchcraft,” he wrote, unleashing a wave of comments just as the team was traveling by air to the north. .

It soon became clear what he meant. Eggers became friends with Florencia Pouso, the wife of Uruguayan center back Maximiliano Falcón, several months ago. He grew in times of family loss for the Wimberg family, but when the relationship finally broke down, it was on terrible terms. A few minutes after the publication, Pouso used the same networks to respond with a laughing “abracadabra”, alluding to the film by Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler about witchcraft and spells.

What followed was a series of leaks of shared messages where several references were made to shirts in the freezer to harm the performance of Falcón’s rivals in the Alba defense, as a kind of ritual that would attract bad luck.

The broken friendship gave way to an unprecedented war, which, due to its particular nature, has been avoided in the conferences prior to the momentous match in Asunción. The Uruguayan Falcón won the title and also the affection of the fans during the 2020 feat, when the club had to dispute in a definition lawsuit the right to remain in the honor division, after the worst campaign in its history. Then the injuries or poor performances of Emiliano Amor, Ramiro González and Matías de los Santos consolidated him in the first team.

To tell the truth, the spell that the white team urgently requires is to advance to the next stage in the Copa Libertadores, which they have achieved only twice since 2003. They have been two decades of great frustration for a team that won in 1991 the contest without being able to later confirm its hierarchy at the South American level.

The dispute, according to sources within the club, has generated “discomfort” for the team. Even more so if the disputes between the players’ couples cannot be controlled by the management or by the dressing room leaders. It is worth remembering that the biggest crisis for the Chilean team after winning the two-time American championship was due to a post by Carla Pardo, wife of Claudio Bravo, who after Chile’s elimination from the World Cup in Russia wrote: “I know that most of them broke their necks.” ass, while others went to parties and even didn’t train because they were so drunk. Whoever fits the hat should wear it.”

The enmity between Bravo and Arturo Vidal lasted for years, until they made peace, which did not help them and those around them to stop sending messages through the networks. Today, with Vidal out of the national team for the first time in eighteen years and Bravo recovering his captain’s genet, the episode continues to mark the beginning of the decline of the Golden Generation.

In the key week for Colo Colo, the spell incident does not contribute to adequate concentration. Although, to be honest, coach Jorge Almirón has experience in these matters. In Boca Juniors, the advice of the Peruvian astrologer Giorgio Armas – self-defined as a specialist in rituals – was felt. And he reached the final of the tournament.

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