Boca goes all out for Joaquín Pereyra: “Conversations are advancing…”

Boca goes all out for Joaquín Pereyra: “Conversations are advancing…”
Boca goes all out for Joaquín Pereyra: “Conversations are advancing…”

TO Mouth He still has a couple of commitments left between the Professional League and the South American Cupbut at the club they do not want to leave anything to chance and the arrangements for the pass market what is coming right now. Little by little, the panorama became clearer in terms of the positions to be reinforced and within the priorities for building the squad, Xeneize will look for an offensive midfielder.

One of the first names that came to light is that of Joaquin Pereyra and recently, more details of the negotiations became known. Journalist Marcos Bonocore reported on this topic and explained that “The talks to close it are maintained and are progressing favorably.”.

Furthermore, the source cited above added that “It is a concrete possibility that he reaches Boca in this transfer market and they already know his price”. Regarding other aspects of the negotiations over the figure of Atlético Tucumánmentioned that “The idea is to buy the entire token” from the 25-year-old lefty.

Joaquín Pereyra’s position regarding Boca’s interest

At the beginning of June, all clubs will be able to add players to their respective squads and it is known that at Xeneize there will be modifications, between departures and arrivals at the club. One of those in charge in this area is himself. Juan roman riquelmewho picked up the phone and contacted Pereyra, one of those in the pipeline in a priority position.

The president of Boca let him know of his interest and in TyC Sports they mentioned that the player, who knew how to be on Villarreal’s radar, would have left him very excited about the proposal. Given this, only the formal negotiations between both leaderships for this footballer who He has a contract until December 2025.

How much is Joaquín Pereyra’s token worth?

At the time, the Dean had bought the token from Central Rosary at the beginning of 2023 after having been on loan in 2022. Although they did not issue opinions from the Tucumán team regarding the value of Pereyra’s transfer, the Transfermarkt site indicates worth 5 million euros.

Another fact that would reveal the position of the Atlético Tucumán leadership is one of the last rejected offers. At the beginning of this year, the footballer in question was one step away from playing in the Major League Soccer. At that time, New England Revolution sent an offer of 3 million dollars for 90% of the passalthough this was not enough to convince the authorities.

Survey Would you like the arrival of Joaquín Pereyra to Boca?

Would you like the arrival of Joaquín Pereyra to Boca?


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