Fernando Tapia criticizes the U for seeking reinforcements in Huachipato

Fernando Tapia criticizes the U for seeking reinforcements in Huachipato
Fernando Tapia criticizes the U for seeking reinforcements in Huachipato

University of Chile urgently need to make a good pass market in the recess of National Championshipto strengthen their squad to be able to go for the title.

After losing the great advantage they had in first place in the standings, the blue fans cling to the reinforcements that the board can bring to dream of the cup.

For the same reason, names like those of Benjamin Gazzolo and Gonzalo Montesboth who are in Huachipato, which produces strong criticism from the journalist Fernando Tapiain the program “Game Guide”.

The home campaign is not that of a champion team. It is below 50%, it has added 10 of 21 points, it is mediocre, it is not up to par. The U lacks individual hierarchylike Católica has it with Fernando Zampedri or Colo-Colo with Arturo Vidal,” he began.

Gonzalo Montes is one of the greats signed up for the U. Photo: Eduardo Fortes/Photosport

The U must forget about Huachipato

In that sense, the journalist points to the special relationship that the U has with Huachipato, which calls for not continuing to seek reinforcements from the southern champion.

“You must look for high-ranking players, from big teams. If the U insists on carrying out the business that we all know exists, that the only possible market is Huachipato, it is lost“he explained.

“Give me the name of a player from Huachipato who has triumphed in the U. Uno. No, it is difficult to go from a team that has 1,500 people to 45,000. So you need players with hierarchy and tonnage“, accurate.

For this reason, he calls on the leadership of Azul Azul, which must strengthen with big names if it wants to fight for the tournament definitively in the season.

Benjamin Gazzolo also appears on the horizon of the U. Photo: Eduardo Fortes/Photosport

“The U needs to enter another market. Everyone knows what happens there, but stop fooling around, don’t be obvious. Ideally, bring players who know how to play in a big team,” he concluded.

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